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John J. Pittari, Jr., PhD


Pittari’s teaching and scholarship bridges the allied disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and city planning through a focus on urban/community design, both past and present. He has published essays on a number of iconic planned communities throughout the country, and has been involved with nearly $500,000 worth of grant-funded community design and planning outreach projects in Alabama. Most recently, his efforts have focused on the design of walkable communities and the link between public health and the built environment. In June 2015, he was invited by the office of HRH Prince Charles to submit professional observations of Poundbury, a planned urban extension to the Dorset county town of Dorchester (UK).

The submitted work is a product of two factors: 1) a rapidly growing body of compelling evidence that making walkable places and improving pedestrian connectivity can have significant positive impacts on the economic, cultural, environmental and physical health of a city and its inhabitants; and 2) the City of Birmingham’s related desire to implement a “Downtown Connections Plan” as a critical “game-changing strategy” to improve the city’s future. The work aimed to link attractions; improve way finding; enhance the public realm; better the retail environment; and increase potential for employees, residents and visitors to walk and cycle.


Additional project credits: summary drawing by Cheryl Morgan, APLA Professor Emeritus

Towards a Connectivity Plan for Downtown Birmingham, ink and pencil on paper, 30” x 40”, 2015