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Alaundra Shealey


Alaundra Shealey is a recent graduate in the apparel design program at the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences. Her design work has been recognized in competitive events, such as the Robin Ruth Student Design League challenge (2015) and the Huntsville Museum of Art Fashion Fusion Face-off (2016). In her design philosophy, Shealey strives to create simple, yet juxtaposed artifact through exploring silhouette surface design techniques and bold patterns.

Spiders are known to have the capability to spin an entire web using only one thread, and mankind has been able to create similar beauty through modern machinery. This wearable art ensemble was inspired by the resilience of the intriguing spider silk in collecting large amount of water droplets without tearing and was aimed to capture the way that dew-covered webs looked in the breaking of dawn. This ensemble consists of two layers, the free-motion stitching lace and a blue undergarment to contrast the intricate surface. It was created by joining 34 small, free-motion stitched roundel pieces to reduce unnecessary material consumption. The project findings suggest an effective wet-drapping technique using free-motion stitching and wash-away stabilizer in creating a form-fit shape.

Arachnaphilia, Free Motion Stitched Ensemble, Dress form 60”H x 14”W x 9”D, 2016

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