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Caroline Collier


Caroline Collier is a junior apparel design student in the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences. Her design work focuses on the use of unique, sustainable approaches to wearable product development. Her work has received recognition from competitive design events such as The Fashion Event at AU. Previously, Collier is also involved in the fashion industry as a model for the Birmingham Fashion Week and in sales for retailing. Currently, she has a passion for working with and mentoring children through Project Uplift.

The concept behind Ethereal Militia is to create a balance between textured and smooth surfaces and structured and form-fitting silhouettes, as well as nostalgic and modern styles. These elements are meant to emulate coexistence between romantic art and rugged war. This silk charmeuse and patch ensemble communicates culture and history through the use of vintage materials for formalwear. The design elements include vintage military and Boy Scout patches, non-toxic dye, surplus fabric and zipper from a textile store, vintage sleeves and recycled thread. This design research provides an alternative form of historic preservation that integrates the upcycling design concept for formal wear and explores the use of commercial dye over embroidered cotton patches.

Ethereal Militia, upcycling dress, dress form 60” x 14” x 9”, 2016

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