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Katherine Lynch

with George Criminale and Kelly Walheim


Kate is a recent graduate of the architecture and interior architecture programs at Auburn. She has won numerous awards during her academic career, including the President’s Award and Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award in Interior Architecture. Most recently, she has won the Faculty Choice Thesis Project Award for her architecture thesis, a homeless shelter in Montgomery, Alabama.

The submitted work began as a class assignment for a History of Modern Architecture course. The charge was to make a dictionary of modern architecture explaining the key elements of 'modern' design through an alphabetical system. In order to organize the production of modern architecture into one guidebook, the authors chose to investigate underlying and sometimes unnoticed influences on the common movements. The book is meant to spark the reader’s curiosity and encourage him or her to ask questions about the big picture and the overarching themes, just as the authors did when starting their journey of research. Since the completion of the original assignment in May of 2015, the authors have continued to refine the book through additional research and design. Katherine took additional responsibility as an editor for the book.

Modern Architecture, a curated dictionary of concepts, architects, and movements of modern architecture book, 159 pages, 2016

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