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Matthew Hall


Matthew Hall is a practicing architect and educator with an interest in materials and methods pedagogy and post-war Swedish modern architecture. He has published in the Swedish Journal of Architecture, Clog, and others. He recently completed the first exhibition and publication on the work of Swedish architect Bernt Nyberg entitled “Endangered Architecture” with support from Skissernas Museum Lund, Lund University, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The Celsing Foundation and the Auburn University CADC. He is currently preparing an exhibition on Sigurd Lewerentz’s work to celebrate the fifty-year anniversary of his masterpiece, St Petri in Klippan.

This installation is a story of two architects, their work, collaboration, relationship and continued lineage. The elder, Sigurd Lewerentz is one of Sweden’s most revered master builders, the younger, Bernt Nyberg is perhaps one the most radical unknown architects of the late twentieth century. The concept for this installation is two-fold: firstly to serve as a venue to introduce Bernt Nyberg’s work to a greater audience, and secondly to describe the collaboration between these two unique architects which began at the construction site of St. Peter. It was this building that brought them together, one architect near the end of his career and another just starting to make a name for himself.

Lewerentz’s St Petri at 50: context, fragments & influence, aluminum frame with illuminated panels of images and film, 2’ x 4’ x 6’ modules, 2015-2016

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