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MeJah Balams


MeJah Balams, native of Birmingham, AL the youngest of seven and daughter of artist, has been creating for as long as she can remember. What started off as a study in architecture and interior design grew into a passion for scenic art and design. Balams is currently a senior finishing her BFA in Theatre Design and Technology.

The foundation for my designs for The Foreigner was the idea of pieces coming together to make a whole. The play is set within a cabin, consequently the set needed to be realistic. However, in my set designs, I like to play with elements of the sublime by incorporating deeper-rooted concepts within the structure. In addition to these pieces coming together to make a whole, I also wanted to created balance through depth and height, while maintaining the intimacy of a cabin. Because of the setting, I sought to merge the interior and exterior worlds with actual tree branches bellowing beyond the structure.

The Foreigner, set design, 3D renderings, 18” x 14” and model, 9" x 9” x 18", 2016

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