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Molly Hendry


Molly Hendry is a 2016 graduate of the Auburn Master of Landscape Architecture program. During her time at Auburn she was awarded the Architectural Research Center Consortium’s King Medal for outstanding research in the field of architecture. She was also selected as the recipient of both the Alabama’s American Society of Landscape Architecture’s Student Award of Honor and the representative for Auburn as a 2016 Olmsted University Scholar. Her thesis research, titled The Garden Project: Re-claiming the garden as an intimate connection to place, explored the power of the garden within the modern profession of landscape architecture. She also presented her research in March 2016 at the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture in Salt Lake City, UT. Hendry was also selected by the Garden Club of America as the 2016-2017 Royal Horticultural Society Interchange Fellow. Through this fellowship, she will spend 10 months working in gardens across the United Kingdom and continuing her research on The Garden Project.

Garden Ephemerality is an exploration in representing the qualitative properties of a place. This series of collages explore ephemeral qualities of the garden through the transitions between seasons. Garden Ephemerality is a part of Hendry’s thesis project, titled The Garden Project: Reclaiming the Garden as an Intimate Connection to Place. This piece explores how fixed spaces within the garden can serve as a datum for registering change over time, specifically the ephemerality of the seasons. These collages seek to not only unearth the qualities of each season at its height, but also the transition between seasons. The fixed hedges serve as a datum for the growth and change of the garden thorough all the seasons. The nuances of each species was interrogated through analyzing its change over the year, and the most prominent qualities are abstracted in order to evoke the feeling of each season. Understanding the experiential qualities is central to creating compelling and powerful spaces that reach beyond the functional and stir a deep sentiment for place. Research into the qualitative experience of places is central to Hendry’s continued body of work.

Garden Ephemerality, seasonal change collage, digital print, 12.5" x 18.0", 2016

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