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Morgan Smith


Morgan Smith is a senior in graphic design who was recently awarded the “Best of Show” prize at the Annual Graphic Design Juried Student Exhibition. 

Pieces, which consists of small blocks of different shapes and sizes, allows children to create patterns, images, count and sort. The toy collection encourages creativity and advances key developmental skills. The individual pieces of the toy are housed in a small plastic container, making the activity easy to store and take on the go in its original packaging. The lid of each container is made of wood, representing the natural wood that the pieces are made of and communicating to customers that our toy is elite and high quality. These products will stand out among other toys because of their clean and coherent packaging. The Pieces brand and products are approachable, engaging, current, knowledgeable, inspiring, and playful. The logo on each package is part of a dynamic logo system, meaning, there are multiple iterations of the same mark throughout the brand, communicating specific aspects of each product. The dynamic logo system is very fitting for this brand due to its many unique, moving parts.

Pieces, product packaging, mixed media, 4" x 4" x 4", 2016

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