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Nicole Degree


Nicole Degree is currently a student at Auburn University and has recently received the Joyce and Roger Lethander purchase award for her untitled series of pigment prints. Her photograph Compulsion was selected for Self-Portrait, a juried exhibition held at Fieldwork Gallery, and has been exhibited in Biggin Gallery alongside other student works. Her photographs have also been featured in the literary magazine Auburn Circle, as well as Southern Tatler magazine. Degree has also received a Dean’s Purchase Award for her sculpture Self-Portrait.

Compulsion is one of three photographs in a series that explore compulsive behaviors that can be secondary to depression and anxiety. It is a staged self-portrait whose meaning is buried underneath the layers of emotive tone the image provides. Compulsion offers an opportunity for viewers to consider the intimacy of the body and the intimacy of the home and how the two can be affected by mental health and the repetition of behaviors, some more destructive than others.

Compulsion, pigment print, 10”x15” unframed, 19”x23” framed, 2014

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