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Terea Abernathy


Terea is senior in the BFA: Production Design and Technology major with a minor in Studio Art. She aspires to be a professional Designer for television and film.  She is a Provost Leadership Undergraduate Scholar, president of Her Campus: Auburn, an Alpha Lambda Delta Scholar, an Alpha Psi Omega Scholar and a College Affiliate in Visual Arts at Stephenson High School.  While at Auburn University, Abernathy has been a part of ten shows acting as a scenic artist, a charge artist, scenic designer, and props designer. Terea’s first set design was also the first student set design in Auburn University’s Black Box space since its opening in 2014. Outside of her studies, Terea enjoys scrapbooking, watching Netflix, and loves spending time with her wonderful family in Georgia. 


The submitted work is a picture of the end tableau of a Lighting Design project. The objective of was to study a famous painter and recreate an image of their work. During this study, students were asked to pay special attention to the direction of the light, to the shadows, and the objects/people being lit. Ms. Abernathy choose to study “The Death of Marat” by Jacques-Louis David. The second objective was to direct a short skit 3-to-4-minute skit that would end in a real life copy of the chosen image. Abernathy organized her skit around what might have happened to Marat before his death, given the facts and evidence she found in her historical research. Not only did she have to choose an image and direct a skit, but she also had to hang her own lights in positions that would replicate the lighting effects in the David image. Her performance had a list of 5 cues that had to transition and flow with the story being told to the audience.

Dynamic Orchestra, Lighting Design, digital print, 36” x18” (materials: cardboard, acrylic, paint, and marker), 2015

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