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Yue (Ryan) Wu is a second year student in the Master of Landscape Architecture program in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction. He holds a B.S. in landscape architecture from Beijing University of Engineering and Architecture.

The Dauphin Island “Peninsula” is an area located south of Mobile, Alabama. Dauphin Island Parkway traverses through the site as the main traffic corridor. In addition to being home to approximately 11,500 residents, the Peninsula is also home to a diverse population of wildlife. Surrounded on three sides by major bodies of water, the Peninsula provides important habitat for a variety of animals.

Unfortunately, parts of The Peninsula are under threat of flood, and some of the residents moved away due to the cost of flood hazard insurance and poor maintenance of infrastructure. How to bring vitality back to The Peninsula has become my concern.

As a traffic corridor, The Peninsula serves nearly 20 thousand people who pass through this area, and the environment here is beneficial for both wildlife and people. In my concept, I prevent further encroachment on the natural habitat from human use while making good use of existing nature. I expand the green space into the downtown area of The Peninsula and build a local resort to provide tourists a place to stay. I link the downtown area with the natural shoreline of the riverside (west side) by using a linear park which is based on the existing green space.

Transforming the Dauphin Island Parkway, Ink on Paper, 36" x 24", 2016

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