About Us

The Initiative

The Alabama Healthy Marriage & Relationship Education Initiative, or “AHMREI,” (former name, Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative, or “ACHMI”) is funded by a 5-year grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Family Assistance.

The Alabama Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Initiative (AHMREI) is a large-scale partnership among Auburn University and 9 additional implementation partners at Family Resource Centers and local referral partners that include: domestic violence prevention, school systems, and Head Start centers. Our needs in Alabama are wide-spreadOur citizens continue to face considerable challenges related to high rates of relationship and family instability and to economic strain. As citizens and professionals in a limited-resource state that has maintained one of the highest divorce rates (top 5 or 10 for 6 decades up through 2010) and one of the lowest composite rankings for children’s well-being in the country, we are highly motivated to continue to play a role in improving the quality of life in our State.

Our Goal and Principal Objectives

AHMREI’s goal is to strengthen Alabama families by:

  • Raising public awareness of the importance of healthy, stable relationships and marriages for children, family and community well-being.
  • Increasing access to healthy relationship/marriage resources for all Alabama citizens.

The Principal Objectives of AHMREI are:

  • Promoting access to marriage and relationship education and relevant complementary programs and services through widespread outreach in key high-need areas of Alabama;
  • Enhancing citizens’ capacity for ensuring their marital and family stability, high quality coparenting and parenting relationships, management of toxic stress, and economic stability/mobility; and
  • Enhance children’s chances for positive developmental trajectories

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