Research interests: Nonparametric Statistics, Simultaneous Inference, Discriminant Analysis, Harmonic Analysis.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Weighted Wilcoxon Estimators in Nonlinear Regression. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics, forthcoming, (with J. W. McKean).
  • Efficient Rank Regression with Wavelet Estimated Scores. Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, forthcoming, (with E. Kwessi and G. S. De Souza).
  • Characterization of Lacunary Functions in Weighted Bergman-Besov-Lipschitz Spaces. Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, (2013),  58, 2, 157-162 (with E. Kwessi, G. S. De Souza, and R. Aulaskari).
  • Associations between Timing in the Baseball Pitch and Shoulder Kinetics, Elbow Kinetics, and Ball Speed. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, (2013), 41, 336-342 (with M. A. Urbin, G. S. Fleisig and J. R. Andrews).
  • Bounded Influence Nonlinear Signed-Rank Regression. The Canadian Journal of Statistics, (2012), 40, 172-189 (with H. F. Bindele).
  • A Note on Multiplication and Composition Operators in Lorentz Spaces. Journal of Function Spaces and Applications, (2012), doi:10.1155/2012/293613 (with E. Kwessi, P. Alfonso, and G. S. De Souza).
  • On the Consistency of a Class of Nonlinear Regression Estimators. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operations Research, (2012), 8, 543-555. (with H. F. Bindele and J. W. McKean).
  • Smooth Nonparametric Allocation for Classification. Communications in Statistics – Computation and Simulation, (2011), 40:5, 694-709 (with S. V. Nudurupati).
  • Comparing Several Exponential Populations with more than One Control, Statistical Methods and Applications, (2009), 18: 359-374 (with P. Singh).
  • A Nonparametric Allocation Scheme for Classification Based on Transvariation Probabilities, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, (2009), 78: 977-987 (with S. V. Nudurupati).
  • Rank-Based Classification Using Robust Discriminant Functions. Communications in Statistics – Computation and Simulation, (2009) 38:199-214 (with S. V. Nudurupati).
  • Classification Based on Depth Transvariations. Journal of Classification, (2008), 25:249-260 (N. Billor, A. Turkmen, and S. V. Nudurupati).
  • An Exact Test for U-Shaped Alternatives of Location Parameters: the Exponential Distribution Case, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, (2008), 37: 37-45 (with P. Singh). Tables