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February 21, 2020: CONGRATS to EVERYONE who applied for internship, 100% match!

Kat Cler: Malcolm Grow Medical Clin & Surgery Center (USAF) at Joint Base Andrews, MD

JB Mitchell: University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, CO

Haidi Song: Stanford University in Stanford, CA

February 1, 2020: Congratulations to everyone who had their presentations accepted for the APA Convention!
December 12, 2019: Congratulations on graduating to Dr. April Scott, Dr. Melani Landerfelt-Ozbolt, and Dr. Dean Hayes!
August 21, 2019: Thank you to Jade K. and Bridget for putting together our annual Together We Can event with the Auburn Police Department. It was a great turnout!
August 19, 2019: Happy first day of classes for Fall 2019, and welcome to the new cohort!
August 8, 2019: Good luck and safe travels to everyone presenting at APA in Chicago!
August 3, 2019: Congratulations on graduating to Dr. Anne Conroy, Dr. Yuxin Sun, and Dr. Ellis Bernstein!
June 20, 2019: Congratulations to Chelsi Battle for being elected as student representative for Division 47- Society for Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology. You are awesome!
May 5, 2019: Congratulations on graduating to Dr. Ana Cikara and Dr. Jasmine Tyson!
February 29, 2019: CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who finished prelims!
February 22, 2019: WOOOO and CONGRATS to everyone who matched for internship!!!
September 4, 2018: Shoutout to Jade and fellow ACOPS-ers who made the third Together We Can event happen!
August 2018: Huge welcome to the 2018 Cohort!! Good luck on this journey!
August 9-12, 2018: Congratulations to all who attended and also presented at APA in San Francisco!
March 2, 2018: Congratulations to those who completed COMPS this year.  We’re proud of you!
February 23, 2018: Congratulations to program members who matched for internship!  We had a 100% match success rate this year!
strong>February 7, 2018: Congratulations to program members who have completed their internship applications and interviews!
September 14, 2017: Congratulations to Betool and Erika for taking leadership positions on the SERC Student Diversity Committee!
September 7, 2017: Congratulations to those who planned a second successful Together We Can aimed at building relationships with our local law enforcement!  
August 3-6, 2017: Congratulations to those students who attended APA in Washington D.C.  It was great to have to many ACOPS members there!
April 18, 2017: Congratulations and welcome to the 2017 cohort! War Eagle!!
February 24, 2017: Congratulations to all those who finished their written comps today!!

February 17, 2017: 
Big CONGRATULATIONS toAna, Ksenyia, Daniel, Molly, and Jasmine, who applied and then all matched for internship!

January 12, 2017: 
Presentation accolades!! To JB, Kayla, & Jade as well as Yuxin & Haidi for the posters they presented at APA’s National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS)
August 17, 2016: Welcome to the 2016 cohort! Have a great first semester!
April 12, 2016: Congratulations to the new members of the the Counseling Psych program!
March 24, 2016: Congratulations to Anne C. on her new baby boy!!
March 2, 2016: Presentations accepted for the 2016 APA convention in Denver: 

Anne C., Graham M., and Shari B. will be presenting “Self-Forgiving or Self-Excusing? The Importance of Responsibility following Interpersonal Offenses” with Dr. Cornish. 

Ana C., Kelly H., Haidi S., Melani L., and Anne C. will be presenting a symposium on therapist self-disclosure of personal problems to clients in session.

February 29, 2016: Way to go comps takers!! After a lot of hard work by those students prelims are officially completed for this year!!

February 27, 2016: Great job, Lauren and Erin, who, along with Joeleen of Auburn’s Student Counseling Center, presented their research on suicide assessment in group therapy at AGPA!
February 18, 2016: Congratulations to Meg,Erin, Lauren, Theresa, and Shari, who succeeded in matching for internship today!!! Everybody who applied for internship from our program matched this year!!!
February6, 2016: The ACOPS team raised $1,450 for the Children’s Miracle Network through the Auburn University Dance Marathon! Thanks to everybody who participated in the event or sponsored our team. And a special shout-out to Erin and JB, who brought down the house from dancing ALL DAY LONG!!!

January 31, 2016: Congratulations to Molly for her presentation, “College Students in Recovery: Stories of Hope” at the NASPA Strategies Conference in Orlando, FL this month!
January 16, 2016: Thanks, Ksusha, for hosting the Ukrainian Christmas celebration while also bringing awareness and fundraising for those affected by the ongoing conflict in the country.

October 2015: Erin, Lauren, and Sam completed the 2015 Run to Read race to help raise funds for Jean Dean RIF (Reading is Fundamental), which helps to buy and distribute books to at-risk children across Alabama. Great job runners!!
August 19, 2015: Welcome back for a new semester, and welcome to the program, 2015 cohort!Congratulations to all who presented at the APA conference in Toronto this summer!

July 31, 2015: 
Congratulations to Brooke, who got married today!

April 13, 2015: 
Shari, Erin and Justin joined Dr. Joeleen Cooper Bhatia from the Auburn Counseling Center at the AGPA Conference in February for an outstanding workshop on assessing suicide risk in group therapy.
February 28, 2015: Congrats to all six applicants who matched for internship! And way to go everyone who took and survived comps!

February 16, 2015: 
It was great to meet all the applicants over the past two weeks! Best of luck and we hope to see you next year!
February 7, 2015: Thanks to everyone who participated in our ACOPS Dance Marathon team! The team raised a whopping $671 and the event raised an amazing total of $238,035! Proceeds go to our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital in Columbus, GA.

January 27, 2015: 
Research accolades! To Emily for presenting at the January 2015 Multicultural Conference in ATL and to Graham, Kelly, Shari, Susha, Melani, etc. (too many to remember them all!) who all got accepted to present at the APA Conference in ACOPS Position Statement Against TortureToronto!

December 5, 2014: 
First Year Graham got his Letter to the Editor published in the Monitor on Psychology! 

November 8, 2014: Congrats to Erin E. on her new baby girl!

October 1, 2014: Congratulations to Amanda K. on her beautiful wedding!

September 4th, 2014: Welcome back and welcome to the new cohort! Congratulations to everyone who presented at APA this summer in Washington, D.C.

March 17th, 2014: ACOPS is excited to welcome Marilyn Cornish to the COP Faculty in Fall 2014. Congratulations to all that presented at the Counseling Psychology Conference in Atlanta, GA. 

February 2014
: New Applicant Socials will be held on Feb. 9th and Feb. 16th at 6pm. 
January 10th, 2014: Welcome back! Spring semester classes have begun. ACOPS meetings will be held on February 4th, March 3rd, and April 3rd at 7:00pm. 
October 10th, 2013:Thank you for joining ACOPS in the celebration of Dr. John Dagley’s career and retirement from Auburn University. Special thanks to alums Dr. Jen Moore and Dr. Shannon Dunlap for returning to Auburn for the occasion. 

August 27th, 2013: Check out the new ACOPS facebook page!
Fall semester ACOPS meetings will be held on:
 Sept. 3rd, Oct. 3rd, Nov. 4th, and Dec. 3rd.
Summer 2013 Recap: Congratulations those who presented at APA this summer.
Good luck to all those completing internship this year!
Welcome to the 2013 cohort!
March 27th, 2013: Congratulations to Lauren David for having her poster “Gender Differences in Loyalty Transgressions: Who Sticks to the ‘Code?'” accepted for research week!

February 25th, 2013:
Congratulations to Greg, Tenille, Courtney, Ashley, Erin, Therese, Lucy, and Chenetra on matching for internship!!! 
February 21st, 2013: Congratulations to April Scott for being featured in The Corner News!

January 28th, 2013
: Congratulations to Theresa Chan for her publication in the current issue of the Journal of Counseling Psychology!

January 16th, 2013: Congratulations to Courtney Clippert, Batsi Bvunzawabaya, and Dr. Pipes for having their Division 29 poster proposal accepted to present “Do Clients Want Their Therapist to Have Suffered from Their Disorder?” at the 2013 APA Convention!

January 15th, 2013: Congratulations to Emily Kerzin, Justin Puder, Joshua Turchan, and Dr. Pipes for having “Profiles of Psychologists Who List Themselves in the Psychology Today’s Therapy Directory” accepted to be presented at the 2013 APA Convention!

January 10th, 2013: 
  • Congratulations to Romero Huffstead for being asked to present his study, “The Therapeutic Journey Towards Eliminating Social Anxiety” at South East Research Association’s (SECRA) annual conference during February 21-23rd!
  • Congratulations also to Kelly Schorling for being published in the Monitor!
  • Congratulations to Josh Turchan for getting engaged!

October 5th, 2012: Congratulations Josh Turchan for being selected to serve on the Student Advisory Board for Auburn University’s Student Counseling Services!

September 7th, 2012:  Congratulations to Erin F., Erin E., and Dr. Kluck who all got married, and to Evelyn who had a big baby boy!

August 18th, 2012: Welcome Fall 2012 cohort!

August 4th, 2012: Congratulations to Dr. Pipes for becoming a APA Fellow! 

strong>April 18th, 2012: Congratulations to Romero Huffstead for being honored by Denison University, his alma mater, for his service on the Board of Trustees when he lead his class (2008) to the highest donations in the school’s history!

March 3rd, 2012: Congratulations to all those who matched for internship!

January 24th, 2012: Meghan Lee and Justin Puder were featured in the Monitor! 

October 13, 2011: The tailgate is on 10/16/11. Don’t miss it.

April 28, 2011:  
The Auburn COP program has been accredited by APA for another 7 years!!!


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