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Spring issue in homes February 25.

Runway Wanderlust

The Apparel Merchandising and Design Association’s annual apparel event at Auburn gives apparel design and merchandising students in the College of Human Sciences a chance to show off their couture chops in a show called “Wanderlust.” The April event has been followed by the “Iron Bowl of Fashion” as Auburn and Alabama design students compete in a design challenge created by the Huntsville Museum of Art Guild.

Outwitting Possum

Auburn researchers in the school of forestry and wildlife sciences learn that possums aren’t the only animals who can “play possum.” It’s led them on quite a wild bear chase.

Featured in the Spring Issue of Auburn Magazine

John Baeder

John Baeder’s Road Well Taken, a monograph by Jay Williams (Vendome Press, 2015), firmly establishes Baeder ‘60 as one of the 20th century’s most important painters.

Learn more about Baeder and view the gallery

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