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In Flight, In Italy

Members of Auburn’s Symphonic Band were flying as high as the iconic pigeons of Piazza San Marco in Venice as the group took a 10-day performing tour of Italy during spring break. The group embarks on a new international destination every four years.

Featured in the Summer 2016 Issue

Crawfish Frogs

The discovery this spring of an elusive species of Alabama frog and the subsequent catching of one of the critters by AU herpetologist Jimmy Stiles makes Alabama the second-froggiest state in the U.S. The male frogs have a distinctive mating call, which has been described as “like hogs at eating time.”

See and hear the Mississippi version

Calling Agent Carter

Everett, who studied communication and minored in theater, starred earlier this year in the Marvel television show “Agent Carter” as Whitney Frost, the major villain of the show’s second season.

Learn more about the show

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