The oak trees that sit at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and College Street have become Auburn icons. The heart of Auburn sits on that corner, and so naturally Toomer’s Corner would be next on our list as #4 of the 100 Things We Love About Auburn.

Toomer’s Corner is best known as being the place where sports victories were celebrated. It’s been debated as to when the tradition actually started, even though Terry Henley’s story may be our favorite.

We all have fond memories of our experiences on that corner. We remember those hard fought victories on the gridiron, and remember the feeling of tossing that first toilet paper roll high into the air up over the branches of those towering oaks, and then watching as it fell to the ground and disappeared amidst a sea of orange and blue. To some, the corner was a place to meet and hear radio reports of wars and away game victories, a place to chat with friends and even propose to future spouses.

Many of you still even remember where you were and what you were doing when you found out about the poisoning of the oaks, and those feelings of confusion, anger and thoughts of revenge that flooded your mind shortly thereafter. To the rest of the world it may have seemed silly, but to the Auburn family it felt like a part of us was dying too. Now, the fate of the trees has been determined. They will be removed after the Auburn A-Day game April 20th, and the current trees will be rolled one last time. The celebration will extend throughout the entire day and will be covered by ESPN for those who can’t be there in attendance. It won’t just be a memorial service for Auburn’s past, but also toast to its future.

The Auburn Magazine will be compiling a set of stories and photos to be featured in our next issue coming out in May, and we are hoping that YOU will be able to help us! What are your favorite memories spent at Toomer’s Corner? What was your first experience like as a child? What were your favorite memories while a student? Was it a tradition you couldn’t wait to share with your children? Please let us know! Send emails to:, or post to our Facebook page or Twitter!

War Eagle!




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