100 Things We Love About Auburn: #1 Aubie

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100 Things We Love About Auburn: #1 Aubie

We believe in Auburn. And love it! There’s so much to love about Auburn that it’s impossible to sum up in one post. So, to show our appreciation, we’ll be starting a series of things we love about Auburn from the very big (Jordan-Hare stadium) to the very small (the dorm rooms of the original Magnolia hall) and everything in between.

#1:  Aubie


He began life as a 1959 cartoon tiger on the Phil Neel-inked cover of the Auburn/Hardin-Simmons football game program. He began walking upright in 1962 and first wore clothes in 1963. Sixteen years later, with the help of a New York costume company that created designs for Disney, our favorite Tiger started creating comedy mayhem on the sidelines at sporting events. Now, Aubie is a beloved character and champion that has won seven national collegiate mascot competitions and been inducted into the Mascot Hall of fame.

Both on and off the field, Aubie is second only to Cam Newton in terms of our current campus celebrities. Students love getting a glimpse of Aubie while strolling through campus.  Along with his wild antics and lovable personality, one of our favorite things about Aubie is that he’s always willing to ham it up in front of the camera for a picture or two (or twelve)! What are some of your favorite Aubie moments?





  1. The Birmingham-Jefferson County Auburn Club sponsored a night at the Barons game years ago. Our then preschool daughter met Aubie for the first time. She was impressed. After she enrolled in Auburn, in 2009, she had her picture made giving him a hug. She has just graduated. We LOVE Aubie!

  2. The best thing about Auburn is it’s heart. It is a kind place with kind people. The Auburn family is a real thing that lasts a lifetime. You don’t lose it when you graduate. We go on to share that kindness throughout our careers in dedication to our community, our friends and family, and our faith. The Auburn family lives the creed. I don’t know another place that has that effect. I am most proud that Auburn people make a difference in the real world.