A Toomer’s Tribute

A Toomer’s Tribute

As Auburn officials try everything possible to save the trees, the Auburn University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives Department is preserving the Auburn Family’s tribute to the Toomer’s oaks by treating the items placed at the base of trees as artifacts in a special collection of Auburn history.

The items include personal articles, signs, get-well wishes from small children and moving tributes from current and former students. This collection will be the first of its kind in the archiving of the toilet paper rolls.

The Auburn Family is invited to view the collection in a special exhibit at Ralph Brown Draughon Library during A-Day on Saturday, April 16. Stay tuned for more details on the exhibition.

For more information, visit http://wireeagle.auburn.edu/news/2333.

Everything but Plain

Everything but Plain

After a cold couple of months students are itching to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Flowers are blooming and the trees are turning green. The fragrant smell of nature is overwhelming. Auburn is truly one of the most beautiful places in the spring.

We recently took a walking tour around campus down Donahue Dr., through the hill dorms, by the library, on the concourse and even where the first football game was played in 1892. We have traveled all over the campus to capture photos.  Spring has truly sprung on the Plains.

Visit our Flickr site to see the new pictures of Auburn in the spring of 2011. Check back often as we will be adding more weekly.
Suvivor on the Ropes

Suvivor on the Ropes

On the Wednesday, March 16, episode of the CBS hit reality show “Survivor,” former Auburn head cheerleader Krista Klumpp heard these harsh words from host Jeff Probst–“I’m sorry, Krista. The tribe has spoken.”

Early in the season, Klumpp, a pharmaceutical sales rep from Columbia, S.C., aligned herself with much-despised “Survivor” villain Russell Hantz in the hopes he would be able to protect her. She found herself alone last week after Hantz was blindsided by his tribemates and vote out. This week, Klumpp was sent packing–with one final shot at staying in the game and a chance at the $1 million payoff. She heads to isolated Redemption Island, where she will enter a one-on-one challenge against formerly ousted tribe member Matt Elrod, a premed student from Nashville. The show is being filmed on coastal Nicaragua.

Klumpp vs. Elrod will take place at the beginning of the “Survivor” episode that airs on Wednesday, March 23, at 7 p.m. CDT. The winner will stay on Redemption Island with a chance to re-enter the game. The loser will go home.

In other reality show news, former Auburn student Paul McDonald is currently among the top 12 contestants on the hit FOX-TV show, “American Idol.” Will he make it to the top 11? Stay tuned for tonight’s episode, which airs at 7 p.m. CDT.

Still Feels Like Home To Me

Still Feels Like Home To Me

New OIT Building in the Old Hill Parking Lot

Three years and seven months ago when I arrived on the Plains, I remember being overtaken by the sheer beauty of the campus. I remember trying to take it all in… the historic brick buildings, the beautiful trees and plants, the tiger paws printed on the roads and much more. It felt like home to me.

Now, almost 4 years later, the campus has completely changed. However, it still holds its historic beauty. Since I arrived in Aug 2007, we have built a new student center, engineering building, basketball arena, and Village dorms. Construction projects are still going on all over campus. A new OIT building, parking garage, and a second phase of the Shelby Engineering Building are well underway to being complete.

There may be some buildings on campus that are newer and have nicer amenities like flat-screen tv’s and more, but, old or new, Auburn still feels like home to me. I still feel like I am attending the same Auburn that my parents and their parents attended.

To see more pictures of construction around campus, check out our flikr page here.

Gourmet Tiger Takes the Cake

Gourmet Tiger Takes the Cake


Gourmet Tiger’s winning cake from last night’s competition

Charm City Cakes visited the Plains at last night’s Q&A put on by Auburn University’s UPC. Social Media Interns Toni Woodard and Stephanie Wilson caught the action live. Gourmet Tiger, a local bakery had the chance to meet and greet Duff Goldman. Duff Goldman, founder of Charm City Cakes, is known best for his over the top creations made famous by his hit T.V. show Ace of Cakes. The “meet & greet” was the prize awarded to the best cake of the night.

Gourmet Tiger was one of three local bakeries to participate in the competition. The other two candidates to submit cakes were the Cake Lady, and Tiger Dining. Duff was surprised as members of Gourmet Tiger presented him with T-shirts stating “We’re NOT SAINTS, we’re Bakers”. At the end of the night, all attendees got to sample Gourmet Tiger’s winning cake, leaving a sweet taste in everyone’s mouth. WAR EAGLE Gourmet Tiger!


Cake Lady (left) and Tiger Dining’s (right) submissions into last night’s competition
Gourmet Tiger present Duff Goldman with his very own Gourmet Tiger T-shirt

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