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Six teams drive across the nation, competing in various challenges to earn the final prize of $100,000 and two new Ford Escapes. This is the plot off NBC’s reality show, Escape Routes.

As you settle in to watch some evening television, you may run across Auburn alumna, Iris Hill ‘05, racing with her partner, to gain the title of Escape Routes champions.

Hill received a bachelor’s degree in Pre-veterinary zoology and a master’s in conservation biology from Auburn.

She was only a second-grader when she knew Auburn was the place for her. After actually being allowed to roll a tree, without getting in trouble, Hill was sold. It didn’t hurt that Auburn’s veterinary program was top notch either.

An Auburn Tiger, through and through, Hill still has her old Hey Day t-shirts and names tags—to remember some of her fondest memories at Auburn.

A Tuscaloosa native, Hill and her partner, Terrence Terrell, make up the Grey Team. They call themselves the “Southern Gremlins” because of their southern roots (Terrell is from Cleveland, Miss.).

Although Hill received her degrees in the sciences, she holds a passion for the performing arts and has experience in both dance and choreography. She moved to Las Angeles to pursue a career in the performing arts and was working as a dance instructor in when she decided to sign up for the show.

“My teammate, Terence Terrell, told me I had to be his partner or he wouldn’t be friends with me anymore,” Hill said. “So, we applied through open casting, submitted a video, and the rest is history.”

Through the show, Hill has had some amazing experiences she said—even getting the opportunity to fly Italian fighter jets.

She hopes that the Grey Team can win the competition, and subsequently have the ability to financially assist with the rebuilding efforts in Tuscaloosa and other states ravaged by the April 27, 2011 tornados.

Built with the tough core of southerners, Hill is confident that the Grey Team can win it all in the Escape Routes competition. It doesn’t hurt that she has the winning spirit of the Auburn Tigers either, she said.

So whether it’s flying fighter jets, or racing against the clock in a Ford Escape, Hill will compete with the resilience of the Auburn Tigers, and maybe have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives along the way.

Tune in tomorrow, March 31, to see the premiere of Escape Routes and cheer on a fellow alumna!



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