Who’s That Man?

A photograph on Page 37 of the Fall 2016—or, rather, the identity of a man in the photo—showed the Auburn Family at work as the magazine was in production.

The magazine’s creative director, Shannon Bryant-Hankes ’84, was working in the university archives for photographs to accompany “A Hullabaloo in Auburn,” the article by Leah Rawls Atkins ’58 and Vince Dooley ’54 about the real story behind the departure of football coach Earl Brown in 1950 after three losing seasons.

The only highlight of Brown’s Auburn years? A 14-13 victory over Alabama in 1949 following a 55-0 drubbing by Bama the previous year. Hankes found the perfect picture—of a celebratory dinner featuring Coach Wilbur Hutsell, President Ralph B. Draughon Jr., a (temporarily) jubilant Coach Brown….and a man that searches through archives and old Glomeratas did not identify.


We called Atkins for help, who in turn contacted both Coach Dooley and former athletics director David Housel ’69. We called Jeremy Henderson ’04 at The War Eagle Reader, and he began searching.

The network spread as the photo was emailed to Auburn friends and acquaintances until Housel finally was able to confirm the man’s identity as outgoing Birmingham Auburn Club president Alvin Biggio ’26.

It was, indeed, the Auburn Family at work. “Helping one another out—that’s what it’s all about,” Housel said.


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