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Asim Ali
Project Manager for University Initiatives

Asim Ali started as Project Manager for University Initiatives in May 2014. In this capacity, he currently provides oversight for the implementation of online learning initiatives linked to the Strategic Plan.

Asim Ali earned a B.S. in software engineering from the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering in 2004, and a M.S. in Information Systems Management from the Harbert College of Business in 2011. In 2004, Ali was hired as Information Technology Specialist in the College of Education. The position grew in responsibility from faculty and staff support to oversight of technology and assessment data collection related projects. In 2012, Ali served as the A&P Presidential Fellow, exploring administrators’ use of technology to gain efficiency. In 2013, Ali was selected to serve on the eLearning Work Group. The eLearning Work Group developed the eLearning strategic goals for the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, and advises the administration on eLearning matters. Ali currently co-chairs the group. Ali is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Adult Education from Auburn University. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, and gaining new experiences through travel.

shawndra-efn_5768Shawndra Bowers
Instructional Designer

Shawndra Bowers joined the Auburn Online team as an Instructional Designer in September 2015. In this capacity, she is responsible for planning and coordinating activities for online course design and development. Shawndra has been an Instructional Designer at other institutions of higher education for nearly a decade. She has served as a faculty member in the field of instructional technology, developing and teaching undergraduate and graduate online courses, and has also been a university eLearning Coordinator, providing training, facilitating online certification courses, and consulting with university leaders to coordinate and grow online programming efforts.Shawndra has spoken at numerous conferences including the BbWorld, EDUCAUSE, OLC ET4Online, the DLA Conference, ISTE, NCPEA, and USDLA. Her research interests include curriculum and technology integration, technology professional development, distance learning, with a focus on online as well as one-to-one and mobile technology initiatives. Shawndra holds a BS in Business and Public Administration, a MAED in Curriculum & Technology. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Educational Leadership, Policy and Law working on completing her dissertation in the area of online education policy.

roland-efn_5813Roland DeWitt
Media Production Specialist, Videographer, Lightboard Studio Manager

Roland DeWitt grew up in Auburn, AL. Since age 13 he has had a passion for recording and mixing live music. He began recording concerts at age 14 and has been pursuing a career in Audio / Video Production ever since. Roland currently is a Videographer & Media Specialist at Auburn Online. He is also the Studio Manager for the Learning Glass at Auburn Online, located at 118G Foy Hall.

No picture availableKristin Forthofer
Marketing, Documentation, and Events Planning Assistant

Kristin Forthofer joined the Auburn Online team in August 2015. She implements Auburn Online marketing projects and compiles and processes documentation from faculty for online course accreditation. In addition to her role on the Auburn Online team, Kristin is an instructor Auburn’s Harbert College of Business. Kristin has an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Auburn University and graduate degrees in Business and Marketing Education (Auburn) and Business Administration (The Citadel).When not working, Kristin enjoys spending time reading a good book, traveling, and spending time with her husband and 3 children.

ginny-efn_5775Virginia Jones
Instructional Designer





andrew-efn_5816Andrew Lee
Creative Lead

Andrew Lee is the Creative Lead for Auburn Online. He is a native of Auburn and proud graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. He is a details-oriented designer who strives for excellence and enjoys lending design expertise to enhance content and materials for learning.With his extensive experience in many design fields, Andrew draws from previous mobile app development, web and kiosk design to implement beautiful, engaging user interface and user experience design. His work in a diverse range of marketing and advertising fields provides strong graphic design, photography, branding, and communication skills to strengthen the creative team within Auburn Online. Andrew’s industrial design background in product design emphasizes the importance for research and observation within the online and digital application of teaching and engaging students for their success.

ashlie-efn_5800Ashlie Pincince
Instructional Design Assistant

Ashlie Pincince is an Auburn University graduate with a degree in English Literature. Her writing skills have been employed through her experience as a staff writer for The Plainsman, work as the Secretary of East Central Soccer Officials Association, and her published writing in The Circle, Auburn University’s literary magazine. Her scholarship in Literature and Critical Theory have supplemented her understanding of media’s role and influence in the classroom.Before realizing her interest in Adult Education, her experience in Secondary Education provided her with important insight into pedagogical practices and initiatives for growing engaging online programs. She has worked with instructional technologies throughout her time in undergraduate school as a secondary school teacher, and has a continuing interest in using them to increase student learning and educational productivity.She now works at Auburn Online as an Assistant Instructional Designer. Her responsibilities include technical writing, editing, and developing and designing online courses. She is working to implement online learning inside and outside of the classroom. Her primary goal is to deliver engaging learning experiences to students and pedagogical innovations to instructors.

zack-efn_5760Zachary Sarver
Software Developer

Dr. Zachary Sarver is an instructor of mathematics at Auburn University, a published researcher in matrix theory, and a software developer at Auburn Online. He is active in the puzzle and gamified learning communities, and his credits include several puzzle events in the United States, including co-designing the weekend-long Auburn Puzzle Party 5 puzzle-hunt in Fall 2012, designing the upcoming Auburn Puzzle Party 12 puzzlehunt for Winter 2017, and lead design on the upcoming Mathematical Puzzle Programs High School Challenge ’17.

Auburn Online also has the following students who play an instrumental role in successfully implementing our projects:

  • Amany Elmogahzy, graduate student, communication
  • Jasmine Gomez, junior, psychology