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Who We Are

Student Success is our mission.

Auburn Online, a unit of the Office of the Provost, provides value-added services to help colleagues design, develop, market, support, and evaluate online courses and programs that are engaging, high-quality, and demand-driven.

What We Do

Auburn Online provides the following creative services:

  • Market Research
  • Instructional Design & Development
    • Needs Analysis
    • Learning Outcomes & Objectives
    • Learning Activities & Interactions
    • Evaluation & Assessment
    • Research & Analytics
  • Multimedia & Graphic Design
    • 2D & 3D Graphics
    • Motion Graphics & Animations
  • Audio & Video Production for Instruction
    • In-Studio & On-Location Video
    • Learning Glass Studio
  • Interactive Learning Objects
    • Simulations
    • Online Manipulatives
    • Learning Games

Why Work With Us

Online course design and development is complex. It requires a broad set of skills and tasks. Auburn Online applies appropriate learning theory, academic research, and design models to construct high-quality online offerings. Our model allows faculty to creatively showcase their subject matter expertise.

We partner with you to plan and create course materials for students that deliver content with practice opportunities and meaningful assessment of their learning for online or on-campus courses.

Implementing best practices to enhance the course encourages collaboration, utilizes technology that can improve learning and student engagement, and improves consistency and clarity in instructional delivery.


2013-2018 Auburn University Strategic Plan

Auburn Online is working with academic units to offer fully-online undergraduate degree completion programs. Business Administration, Nursing, and Computer Science launching 2017.

Auburn Online is strengthening the institution’s academic culture for high-quality eLearning programs and is expanding access to technologies and related support.

Auburn Online utilizes budget models that incentivize, encourage and support the development of eLearning courses and programs to increase the number of faculty active in online learning.

Auburn Online is committed to designing all eLearning programs using universal design principles to ensure accessibility.