AUFSAE Brings Home Best Finish in Team History!

Auburn Formula SAE has returned home from Formula SAE Lincoln bearing a slightly heavier load than when the team departed a week ago today. Three trophies, one for a second place finish in Autocross, another for a 3rd place finish in Acceleration, and the third; a massive trophy for Auburn’s first 2nd place overall finish!

After a 12th place overall finish in Michigan, highlighted by a 5th place finish in Autocross and a 3rd place finish in Presentation, the team had high expectations for FSAE Lincoln. “After such a successful competition in Michigan we knew we had the car to get a strong result in Lincoln, the limiting factor would be the knowledge we would have to gain as a young team after losing four senior members after the Michigan competition” said Andrew Rains, 2014 Team Captain. “In all honesty we knew we had a car that could have finished in the top 5 in Michigan, so 12th was somewhat of a letdown. We wouldn’t have been happy finishing outside the top 5 in Lincoln, but at the same time we knew we were a young team, and lacked experience in some important areas.” continued Rains, “To finish 4th in Design, the most knowledge heavy event, was huge. That blew our expectations away, I’m so proud of the guys who had to put in a lot of time to gain the knowledge to be competitive in Design.”

FSAE Lincoln began on Wednesday, June 19th with Technical Inspection. The team made it through tech with no issues to speak of, and then passed tilt first thing Thursday morning. When the car was first being started for the noise test on Thursday smoke began pouring out of the car’s battery, and the team feared for the worst. After a few hours of repairs the electronics team had the car up and running with a new battery and starter motor, and proceeded to pass noise and brake! Thursday also means Static events, and the team participated in the Cost, Presentation, and Design events.

Friday saw the first on track action for AU-2013 in the Skid-pad event. Drivers Kurt Wagner, and C.J. Milstead drove AU-2013 to a 9th place finish in Skid-pad and a 3rd place finish in Accel, lead by event captain Chip Stallings. That afternoon the team ran in the Autocross event, Drivers Zach Woollen and Andrew Rains teamed up to bring home a 2nd place finish with Zach’s 52.100 lap time bested only by the 51.569 set by Missouri S&T. This result was truly astonishing especially after the team had to replace another battery and voltage regulator, as well as fix a leaking shift bottle in the staging area for the event.

Saturday saw the arrival of some of our biggest supporters, Dr. Christopher Roberts, the Dean of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, and Jim Killian, Director of Communications and Marketing for the College. Saturday is the Endurance event, and after a morning of rain and intense wind the team was anxious to get on track that afternoon. Andrew Rains started the car and set a consistent pace. After ten laps he brought AU-2013 into the driver change area and handed the car over to Zach Woollen who went on to finish the event after nine more laps at an ever quicker pace. Although the team had to make some compromises to prevent the car from overheating in the scolding hot Nebraska sun, the fuel efficiency score benefitted from Andrew and Zach short shifting and not using full-throttle. An Endurance finish of 5th place and a finish of 8th in efficiency allowed AUFSAE to bring home a podium finish overall finishing in 2nd place, the highest finish in AUFSAE history!!!

The entire team is extremely thankful to all of the individuals and companies that made this success possible! Auburn truly produces the best engineers in the world, and AUFSAE continues to prove that to the world by continuing to finish better in each competition!

As always the team would like to thank Dr. Roberts, and the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering for the role they play in this team’s success. Formula SAE is the most intensive student project in the world, and Auburn is right up there fighting for overall wins with the best Engineering Universities in the world!

We are greatly looking forward to continuing this momentum into the 2014 season as we target a top 10 finish at FSAE Michigan, and will most certainly be in the mix for a win yet again in Lincoln!

Official event results can be found here.

FSAE Michigan Post-Race Review

The team has returned to Auburn safe and sound after a very successful showing at FSAE Michigan officially finishing 12th overall out of a very competitive field of cars from Universities around the globe. Here are some brief highlights of AUFSAE’s finishing positions in Static and Dynamic Events at FSAE Michigan, as well as a link to the “Official Results” PDF.

Static Events

  • Design – Tied for 7th place with the University of Michigan, and the University of Akron
  • Presentation – 3rd place
  • Cost – 46th place

Dynamic Events

  • Acceleration – 20th place
  • Skidpad – 15th place
  • Autocross – 5th place
  • Endurance – 17th place

Overall – 12th place

Thank you to all of our partners for your wonderful support! We could not finish 12th at the biggest FSAE event in the world without your continued support! We look to continue our momentum in FSAE Lincoln in June, and the 2014 season! Here are some pictures from the event and the link to the Official Results PDF!

Click here for the Official Results PDF!


AU 2013 is Complete!!

On February 23rd, 2013 AU-2013, Auburn’s 2013 FSAE racecar, drove under its own power for the first time! After 4 and ½ months of manufacturing the car is complete, and the team is now officially in the testing stage of the 2013 race season. Preparations for FSAE Michigan begin immediately as testing takes place at the Auburn University Regional Airport this week.

AU-2013 is the team’s second car to have a front-half carbon fiber monocoque and rear-half steel tube frame chassis, and is the team’s third car to use the Yamaha R6 powerplant. The team has set high but obtainable goals for the 2013 racing season, and so far, AU-2013, has met and exceeded all expectations. AU-2013 is over 35lbs. lighter than the 2012 racecar, and is predicted to make up to 90 horsepower. The variable length intake runner system has been retained for 2013, as well as the lightweight titanium 4 to 1 exhaust system. Changes include a modified clutch assembly, repackaging of suspension components such as the rockers and dampers, newly designed side-pods, upgraded ergonomics, high compression pistons, and a redesigned intake plenum.

Because the team has retained almost all major components from the 2012 racecar, the development process is miles ahead of where it would be on a new car designed from scratch. Therefore AU-2013 is the next step in development of AUFSAE R6 powered cars, and will be the lightest, fastest and most powerful car AUFSAE has ever built! AU-2013’s performance is anticipated to surpass that of the 2012 car, and seeming as though it is significantly lighter, and the center of gravity significantly lower, it should exceed expectations.

The 2013 AUFSAE Team has worked diligently, and has been laboring in the shop for long hours each day for the past four months in order to complete this car. Now the time has come, the testing phase of the

season begins as the team shakes down the car, and starts to develop the AU-2013 platform into a race winning machine! The team is proud of its hard work, but there is no time for rest as testing begins immediately. The car will then go to be painted, powder coated, and anodized in preparation for the 2013 Car Release Ceremony on Saturday March 16th.

The team would like to thank everyone who has partnered with us for the 2013 season and beyond. Thank you to all of you loyal partners who have been a part of the team for sometime now, and thank you our newer partners with whom we look forward to developing long and prosperous relationships!

Thank you The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, and Dr. Christopher Roberts for you unwavering support over the years. Without Auburn University and The College of Engineering this project that we love so much, and have so much passion for, would not exist. Thank you!

2013 Car Release Ceremony

Dear Partners and Supporters of AUFSAE,
The Auburn University Formula SAE Racing Team would like to invite you to the 2013 Car Release Ceremony! Come join the team in unveiling AU-2013!

This has been planned for you! We want to thank you for your support this season and would like to showcase what your time, effort, and money have gone towards. Come see the beautiful new competition machine’s first public appearance! Don’t miss this fantastic event!

When? Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 12:00, plan to attend a special demonstration after the ceremony!

Where? Shelby Center Courtyard, Auburn University Auburn, AL

Directions to Shelby Courtyard from Toomer’s Corner:
Take W Magnolia Ave. to Donahue Drive. Turn left at intersection onto S Donahue Drive. Turn left onto War Eagle Way at intersection (first intersection after turning onto Donahue) then proceed to turn left into the parking lot of the Lowder Business Building. After parking, walk east towards the Shelby Center for Engineering Technology. The ceremony will begin at 12:00, noon, in the courtyard between The Shelby Center and Wiggins Hall.

Wear? This is a casual event! Wear whatever you like (preferably an AUFSAE t-shirt!)!

Why? To see the beautiful 2013 racecar, socialize with team members and other sponsors, show your support for the team, and for delicious catering from Island Wing Company! The ceremony will consist of lunch, a presentation by the team, the unveiling of the car, and shop tours!

Then What? After the conclusion of the ceremony members of the team will give guided tours of the team’s shop facilties while the car is loaded into the team trailer. The car will then be demonstrated at The Auburn University Regional Airport! We hope you can join us!

Directions from Parking lot of Lowder to Test Area at the airport:
Turn right out of Lowder parking lot. Take a right at intersection heading North on Donahue. Take a right onto Glenn Ave. (second intersection you will come to), proceed approx. 2.7 miles. Take a left at intersection onto Airport Rd, enter newly paved area on the right after turning onto Airport Rd. Please park along the newly paved road outside of the gated entrance to the test area.

Please RSVP to Andrew Rains ( with how many people you plan to bring with you to the event!

See you on March 16th!
War Eagle!

AU 2013 is Rolling. Power Coming Soon!

(6 February 2013)

AU 2013 is rolling, to be driven under its own power soon.

This Tuesday the Auburn University Formula SAE Team took the 2013 chassis off of the jig table, where it has been coming to life for the past three and a half months, and set it on the ground for the first time! This momentous occasion is the result of months of planning and hard work endured by the 2013 Team, and marks an earlier completion than in 2012, proving that the team is growing accustomed to the challenges and difficulties of building a carbon fiber monocoque car. Many design changes were made for the 2013 contender, but the car retains the same Yamaha R6 powerplant, used since 2011, and the monocoque chassis developed for the first time in team history last year. Other changes for AU 2013 include new front and rear rocker designs, a new intake plenum design, revised exhaust layout, a custom oil pan machined by the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, and a carbon fiber steering wheel. All of the design changes and improvements for AU 2013 were developed to make the car lighter and to lower the Center of Gravity.

The team is looking to have a successful campaign this summer at both the Michigan and Nebraska FSAE competitions. After failing to finish the Endurance Event the team has unfinished business in the country’s automobile capital as every effort is being made to be a top contender in 2013. After a 12th place overall finish in Nebraska, highlighted by a 4th place finish in Endurance the team is preparing to go head to head with the nation’s best FSAE teams at this still relatively new event again in 2013!

AUFSAE would like to thank all of its loyal friends, family and partners as the team continues to work hard to complete AU 2013! We’re looking forward to inviting you all to the 2013 Car Release Ceremony, an official announcement will be made soon!

War Eagle!

Andrew Rains
Marketing Director


A Big Thank You to Michelin!

After seven years of producing tires for Formula SAE teams, Michelin, has decided to discontinue its tire designed for Formula SAE competition. Everyone at Auburn Formula SAE would like to thank the staff at Michelin for their hard work and dedication to AUFSAE over the years. Not only did Michelin support AUFSAE but also Georgia Tech, and Clemson’s FSAE programs. Michelin has been a Gold Level Sponsor of AUFSAE, and has donated both slick and rain tires to the team since the beginning of the relationship. Everyone at AUFSAE will sincerely miss Michelin being a part of a team they helped grow into what it is today.

Thank you to Karl Koenigstein, your support has been wonderful!

AUFSAE ran with both Goodyear and Hoosier tires this past summer due to Michelins lack of tire supply, but the team still has many sets of Michelins waiting to be used in testing and driver training.

Thanks Michelin, and War Eagle!

HATCI Becomes Platinum Sponsor for 2013

Hyundai and Kia Technical Centers of North America Inc. has become AUFSAE’s first Platinum Level Sponsor for the 2013 racing season! AUFSAE Alumnus Ryan Jolley and Chris Purcell both work with HATCI, and were instrumental in forming this wonderful new relationship. The team is excited to welcome HATCI aboard as part of the Auburn Family, and is excited for what the future holds between the two organizations. Everyone at AUFSAE is very thankful for HATCI’s support and is excited about making promotional appearances at Kia Motor Manufacturing of Georgia and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama. The manufacturing plants of the two sister companies Hyundai and Kia are both located within an hour drive of the Auburn Formula shop at Auburn University.

I would like to personally thank everyone at HATCI especially Mr. Jolley, Mr. Purcell, and President Cho for their generosity. HATCI understands the importance of hands on student projects, especially Formula SAE, and we are more than gracious for their loyal partnership. We hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship for both AUFSAE and HATCI!

Welcome aboard and War Eagle!

Andrew Rains

AUFSAE Marketing Director

AUFSAE is Number 79 for Michigan Competition

The Auburn Formula SAE Racing Team has officially registered for FSAE Michigan, scheduled to take place May 8-11, 2013, and has been assigned number 79 for the competition. The team is excited to participate in this prestigious competition yet again in 2013, and is looking to improve from 2012’s finish of 46th overall caused by a failure of the car to re-start after the driver change. Although the team redeemed its poor performance in Michigan with its 12th place result at FSAE Lincoln in 2012, AUFSAE is looking to showcase its car on the world stage at Michigan in 2013 with hopes of a top 20 finish.

Build season is officially underway as the team met a design freeze on October 1st. The machine shop will be crowded over the next few months as the team shoots to have the car completed as early as Christmas!

It’s an exciting time of the year! WAR EAGLE!