War Eagle



AU Department of Mechanical Engineering

AU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering




SAE Learn Twice Program

Tuskegee Airfield

Dr. Peter Jones

Mr. Dwight L. Wiggins ’82

Mr. John Blake






Plott Body Shop

Texas Almet


Austin Smith

Charles and Jane Wagner

Mr. James Alexander Gordon ’15

The Coats Family

Mr. Charles H. Ping III ’04

Dr. Wesley Hunko

Mr. Robert Anthony Smithson ’88


Performance Power Systems

Birmingham Gear and Machine

Heffernan and Associates


Atlantic Tape and Packaging  & The Neidert Family

Mr. Harvey Darin Holifield

Hough Family

Mr. William G. Dickie Jr. ’75

Mr. Mark E. Stepnowski ’16

Mr. Tony Tran ’15

Ms. Carol A Baird ’77

Mr. Thomas Amundson Bethel ’93

Payson Williams

Mr. Brian  Miller

Mr. Christopher Stegner

Mr. McGregor Coyne

Mr. Chris Williams

Mrs. Alice Swearingen ’87

Mr. Randy Bates

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