4-H Alabama Water Watch Educator and Student Recognized by Alabama Wildlife Foundation

Zoe Nye, former 4-H AL Water Watcher, and Jill Wachs, 4-H Regional Extension Agent for Barbour County pose for a quick photo after receiving prestigious awards from the Alabama Wildlife Federation.

AWW would like to extend our congratulations to Jill Wachs and Zoe Nye for being recognized during the recent Alabama Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Achievement Awards.  

Jill has her first up-close-and-personal crayfish encounter during an Exploring Our Living Streams Workshop a few years ago.
Jill with AWW Staffers, Mona and Sergio, following a coastal 4-H AWW Training.

Jill Wachs was named Conservation Educator of the Year. Jill is the 4-H Regional Extension Agent for Barbour County. She has worked hard to ensure that youth in her county have meaningful and fun opportunities through which they gain awareness, knowledge, and skills related to natural resources and environmental education. 4-H AWW is one of the programs she has used to achieve her conservation education goals. Jill has placed a special emphasis on encouraging educators and youth to value and protect Lake Eufaula, an aquatic treasure right in their backyards. Jill is a caring, passionate, and hard-working educator who is truly deserving of this honor. We are thrilled to see her recognized! 

Zoe is shown here wearing her 4-H Ambassador green blazer while holding an AWW Water Chemistry Kit. Through Alabama 4-H, she had opportunities to demonstrate her abilities as a leader and watershed steward.

Zoe Nye was selected as the Youth Conservationist of the Year. Zoe, who is now a student at Mississippi State University, participated in many environmental conservation-related programs while she was a student at Ardmore High School. Through her participation with the Naturalist Club at her school, she was one of the first students to be certified as a 4-H Alabama Water Watcher. She was an active monitor and promoter of AWW throughout her high school career. Zoe is a well-spoken, thoughtful, and spirited young woman with a drive to make a difference. AWW is so proud to see Zoe recognized on this level, and hope that other youth follow the example she sets! 

Sergio and Mona were able to catch up with Zoe during a recent trip to Starkville, MS.

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