Educators Explore Pathogen Pollution in Our Waters

Project educators measure air temperature at the sampling site on Weeks Bay.

In 2019, 4-H Alabama Water Watch received funding through the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration’s Bays and Watershed Education Training Program (NOAA B-WET) to support the 4-H AWW Project, Exploring and Mitigating Pathogen Pollution in Our Waters.

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COVID-19 Water Monitoring Concerns

Several monitors have asked if they should continue monitoring their sites amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As we know, anytime you participate in water-based activities there are risks for injury and sickness. AWW does its best to provide volunteers with guidance that will hopefully prevent such issues. In an effort to include the newest threats to health, we have reviewed the current information provided by the CDC related to Water Transmission and COVID-19.

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Legacy Helps 4-H’ers Watch Our Waters!

Eight 4-H Alabama Water Watch groups received monitoring materials in 2019 because of Legacy’s support!

In 2019, Legacy, Inc. Partners in Environmental Education selected the Alabama Water Watch Association’s project ” Helping 4-H’ers to Watch Our Waters” for an Environmental Education Grant. The project’s goal was to provide active 4-H AWW groups with monitoring materials for the current school year.

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AWW Tiger Giving Project, Protect Alabama Waterways, Mini-grant Program


If you are a certified AWW monitor and need some help to get started monitoring at an orphaned site or a new site, in the form of a water chemistry test kit, water chemistry reagents to refill an existing kit, or bacteria supplies, this mini-grant program is for you!

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A River Celebration for Alabama’s Bicentennial!

Alabama officially became the US’s 22nd state on December 14, 1819. This year marks the culmination of a three year celebration called “Alabama 200” led by the Alabama Bicentennial Commission to recognize the people, places, and events that form our rich history. Dr. Bill Deutsch’s recently released book, Alabama Rivers: A Celebration & Challenge, that highlights the human history and natural wonders that have defined Alabama is endorsed by Alabama 200.

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