Alkalinity Tablets Packaging Change

There has been a change in the packaging of the BCG-MR Indicator Tablets (order code T-2311-J).  The tablets for the Total Alkalinity test are now being packaged in blister packs (as seen below) rather than in a glass bottle. The order code for the tablets has also slightly changed, to T-2311-A.

The change is intended to extend the shelf life and prevent tablets from breaking apart due to moisture.

The box the blister packs come in (see image above) is identical to the box used for the Hardness #6 Tablets and can fit into AWW Kits if laid on their side and placed on top of the turbidity tubes (right photo below).

We recommend that you take out one set of 10 tablets (pictured left, below), label them for the test they are used for (Hardness or Alkalinity) and place them in your kit.

Please contact the AWW Office with any other questions or concerns.

AWW Staff

AWW on the Road: Dog River Tour

On Oct. 16, AWW Staffers Mona and Sydney had the pleasure of touring the Dog River Watershed with the best tour guides anyone could ask for – Debi Foster, Executive Director of Dog River Clearwater Revival (DRCR), Dr. Mimi Fearn, long time AWW monitor and trainer and member of DRCR, and Eric Holladay, a dedicated AWW monitor and member of DRCR.

Dr. Fearn looks out on the Dog River as she gives a history of the watershed.
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Meet Our Water Watchers – Dana Herren!

Dana Herren is passionate about water resources, geology, and teaching kids through hands-on activities. She is a dedicated AWW Volunteer Trainer and Monitor, and an active member of the Logan Martin Lake Protection Association. Let’s get to know Dana a little more!

Dana conducts research aboard Dauphin Island’s Alabama Discovery research vessel in the Mississippi Sound along the Gulf Coast.
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Meet Our New Staff Member, Rachel McGuire!

Rachel began her work with Alabama Water Watch and the AU Water Resources Center in May 2018, and officially became a full-time Research Associate with us in October 2018. Rachel conducts training workshops, develops new training and educational materials, works on research and grants, and has been instrumental in creating marketing and promotional materials for AWW! She is an AWWesome addition to the AWW Program Staff as she is extremely hard working, intuitive, creative, and a blast to have around the office!

We realize many of you have already communicated with Rachel, but we wanted to officially welcome her to the AWW family by doing a little bit of a Q&A. Read more below to get to know Rachel!

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