AWWsome Infographic!

AWW has been blessed with some fabulous folks over the years who have given of their time, talent and treasure to the betterment of the Program. Here is a recent example.

We here at the AWW office were asked recently about what we’d like to have done in the form of an infographic by our IT assistant, Jennie Powers. She needed to develop an infographic for a class she is taking here at AU.  I thought for about half a second and said ALABAMA’S AWESOME AQUATIC BIODIVERSITY! In my unbiased opinion, I believe that every child (and adult) in Alabama should know that this state ranks NUMBER ONE among all 50 states in aquatic biodiversity (including freshwater fish, snails, mollusks, crayfish and turtles!,  see Biodiversity in Alabama and Fishes of Alabama)!  The hundreds of beautiful fish species that inhabit our waters (325 native freshwater species and 100 or more marine species – wow!) are true treasures that every Alabamian should be proud of, and cherish! Several rival tropical reef fishes in their colorful beauty! Here are a few of my favorites:

Rainbow darter (Etheostoma caeruleum)
Rainbow darter (Etheostoma caeruleum)

Speckled darter (Etheostoma stigmaeum)
Speckled darter (Etheostoma stigmaeum)
Banded darter (Ethiostoma zonale)
Banded darter (Etheostoma zonale)

Sorry, I digress.., back to the point – here’s what Jennie came up with for her class project – I was blown away! I LOVE it, and asked her if I could share it with our AWW family, since we feel it can be a great educational tool for AWW groups and others across the state. So without further ado, here it is:

**Original infographic – see “AWW Infographic 2.0” hyperlink below for final version.

Let us know what you think, and if you/your group would like to use Jennie’s AWWsome infographic in your environmental education/outreach efforts.

**For the updated version of the AWW infographic, see AWW Infographic 2.0




8 Replies to “AWWsome Infographic!”

  1. Fabulous! This would be a great resource for our environmental education programs, like Creek Kids at Tannehill. Would it be possible to get an enlarged print?

  2. It would be wonderful if we could get a poster or a larger print, We would like to put it in the DeSoto State Park Nature Center

  3. Great! It gave me a deep sense of pride to know how blessed we are in Alabama, as far as our diversity! It breaks my heart to see how little respect people have for the earth, land, water and wildlife. This is a great teaching tool and I would like to add this to my treasure box to share every opportunity that I can. I also am very interested in being a Water Watch monitor, especially the stream ecology monitoring. Thanks for all your organization and dedicated volunteers have done, are doing and will be doing to save and secure our state and it’s wonderful biodiversity! God bless America!


  4. Looks great! I would love to have a larger copy of this for my 4-H programming.

  5. This is a great infographic! The Geological Survey of Alabama would be thrilled if you would allow us to use this infographic on the Alabama H20 (SHU) website, if that is OK. Great work!!

  6. We would love to have Jennie’s permission to use this graphic in some of our teaching. We agree that every child in Alabama needs to know how special Alabama is. Is there a way of getting in touch with her and asking if we could print a few for our classrooms?

    Thanks much!

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