Mid-Year Check-in for AWW Water Monitors

July 1 marked the midpoint of the year and, as we enter the second half of the year, just in case your New Year’s Resolution was to be very consistent with your Alabama Water Watch monitoring, this is a good point to check out your data. You can make sure all the data you have collected has been entered and is appearing in AWW Water Data.

This is an excellent time to ask yourself how you have progressed towards reaching your monitoring goals. Have you gone out as frequently as you had planned? If you wanted to add a new sampling site, did you do it? If you have not achieved your mid-year goals, take some time to reflect, and consider why, so you can adjust accordingly.

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Spring Training Recap

Volunteer Trainer Intern Anne Krichten demonstrates how to measure air temperature with a group at the Birmingham Zoo. Photo Credit: Sydney Zinner

AWW Staff and Volunteer Trainers have been busy bees this spring! Many organizations have started back hosting in-person events and activities, and folks were eager to get certified (or recertified) as AWW Volunteer Monitors!

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AWW Tiger Giving Project, Protect Alabama Waterways, Mini-grant Program


2022 Application: https://auburn.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_daIXmygs0Vctd4O

If you are a certified AWW monitor and need some help to get started monitoring at an orphaned site or a new site, in the form of a water chemistry test kit, water chemistry reagents to refill an existing kit, or bacteria supplies, this mini-grant program is for you!

Please note: Funding is limited and demands are high for monitoring supplies among our volunteers. Please, only request materials if you are serious about your plans to monitor

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