LaMotte Changes & Updates

3/29/2019 Update:

Hardness Reagent #6 and Alkalinity Tablets Packaging Change

The tablet formulas and procedures for the Total Alkalinity Test and Total Hardness Test remain the same.

From LaMotte: There has been a change in the packaging of the Hardness Reagent #6 Tablets. Hardness #6 Tablets (4484A) are now being packaged in blister packs (as seen below) rather than in a glass bottle.

BCG-MR Indicator Tablets (order code T-2311-J) are also now being packaged in blister packs. The order code for the tablets has also slightly changed, to T-2311-A.

The change is intended to extend the shelf life and prevent tablets from breaking apart due to moisture.

The box the blister packs come in (see pictures above) can fit into AWW Kits if laid on their side and placed on top of the turbidity tubes (right photo below).

We recommend that you take out one set of 10 tablets (pictured left, below), label them for the test they are used for (Hardness or Alkalinity) and place them in your kit.