Legacy Helps 4-H’ers Watch Our Waters!

Eight 4-H Alabama Water Watch groups received monitoring materials in 2019 because of Legacy’s support!

In 2019, Legacy, Inc. Partners in Environmental Education selected the Alabama Water Watch Association’s project ” Helping 4-H’ers to Watch Our Waters” for an Environmental Education Grant. The project’s goal was to provide active 4-H AWW groups with monitoring materials for the current school year.

4-H AWW groups in eight counties received support through this project: Chambers, Colbert, Etowah, Lee, Marion, Walker, Washington, and Winston. The materials included water chemistry kit reagent refills, thermometers, and replacement hardware.

Muscle Shoals Middle Schoolers test the Tennessee River even on very chilly days!
4-H AWW Monitors with the Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship check on water quality in Tuskegee National Forest every month!

Since 4-H AWW activities began in 2014, the Program has impacted more than 28,000 students throughout the state. It definitely takes a village to raise our next generation of Water Watchers. Thank you Legacy, Inc. for helping us, help 4-H’ers watch the water!

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