April is Citizen Science Month!

Citizen scientists conduct water chemistry tests on an Alabama stream.
Photo Credit: Mona Dominguez

Have you heard people buzzing about citizen science lately? Did you know April is Citizen Science Month?! It seems that over the last few years, this term has been popping up everywhere. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, citizen science is “scientific work undertaken by members of the general public, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institutions.” We also refer to this concept as community-science.; however, this is not a new phenomenon.

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AWW Training Recaps: February in Auburn & Camp McDowell in March 

Newly certified Water Chemistry Monitors pose after their Field Day in Town Creek Park, Auburn, Alabama.
Photo Credit: Sydney Zinner

After two years of not being able to easily and safely train new monitors, AWW has been off to the races in 2022!  AWW staff recently led two hybrid AWW monitoring trainings that included self-paced, online courses and finished with an in-person field day. We have been very pleased with the new format. What began as a response to the pandemic is turning out to be a great fit for the program. We hope COVID is on its way out, but the new training model won’t go away.

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Legacy Helps 4-H’ers Watch Our Waters!

Eight 4-H Alabama Water Watch groups received monitoring materials in 2019 because of Legacy’s support!

In 2019, Legacy, Inc. Partners in Environmental Education selected the Alabama Water Watch Association’s project ” Helping 4-H’ers to Watch Our Waters” for an Environmental Education Grant. The project’s goal was to provide active 4-H AWW groups with monitoring materials for the current school year.

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