Twelve Months of Alabama Rivers

Alabama Water Watch works to protect Alabama’s precious water resources by training citizens to collect credible water quality data from rivers, lakes, and other local waterbodies.  Educating people about Alabama’s waters and helping them to find a meaningful connection to their watershed is an important part of what we do.

Lucky for us, Alabama has so much to offer in the way of water resources, it is easy to foster these connections.  With 132,000 miles of streams and rivers, Alabama can call itself “the River State”. Moreover, each river has a unique set of flora and fauna, geology, culture and history that can provide you with a lifetime’s worth of learning.

How much do you know about your own river basin? Check out AWW’s Twelve Months of Alabama Rivers  campaign to test your knowledge and learn more. During each month of 2021, we will be publishing blog articles and social media posts that highlight the unique and interesting characteristics of each of the state’s major river basins.

Picture of the Locust Fork near Snead
Locust Fork near Snead, AL. Photo Credit: Rachel McGuire

Do you have photos or video of your favorite river, creek, or lake? Whether you’re fishing, paddling, swimming, hiking, or simply have a beautiful landscape shot, share them with us.

In addition, we are hosting a webinar series called Basin Banter with Bill, which will feature Dr. Bill Deutsch, founder of AWW and author of the recent publication Alabama Rivers: A Celebration and Challenge. Plan to join by pre-registering.

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