What’s Your (Water-Related) New Year’s Resolution?

January may look similar to a lot of folks. New Year, New You, right? Some of us may make a resolution to exercise, read more books, drink more water, or cut back on caffeine (AWW Staff will definitely be keeping caffeine in our morning routines 🙂 ). Most resolutions we make are centered on self-improvement, better health, or work productivity.  

What if we made resolutions for how we live in and interact with our communities and environments? In 2022, we are challenging ourselves and our communities to adopt a “Water-Related Resolution” to become better watershed stewards. Read on to learn how!

What's Your Water-Related New Year's Resolution

We start the New Year inspired to make changes in our personal lives, work lives, and in the world around us. What inspires you to make positive changes, for you or for those around you?

When considering a “Water-Related Resolution” to adopt, think about what the needs in your community are, and what resources you have that can help meet those needs.

For example, you might have access to gardening gloves, a few buckets, and trash bags from yard work. You can use those materials to pick up litter in a public park or on the side of the road.

Your resolution doesn’t have to be huge, and can be as simple as turning water off as you brush your teeth!

The Auburn University Water Resources Center (AUWRC) can help you achieve your “Water-Related Resolution!” Below are some resources to help you reach your goals:

Get Certified or Recertified as an Alabama Water Watch Volunteer Monitor

Become an Alabama Watershed Steward

Participate in or Host a Litter Pick-up

Get a Soil Test

Conserve Water

Here are some of the resolutions the AUWRC Staff have adopted. When we reach a goal, we will share on our social media!

What helps you stick to your resolutions? 

According to self.com, here’s a few ways you can stick to your resolution: 

  1. Make small goals – as easy as turning off water while brushing your teeth or picking up a piece of trash!
  2. Write down your goals – we love a good post-it note!
  3. Make your goals public – share your goals with us!
  4. Celebrate small successes – share with us when you achieve a goal and we will share on social media and celebrate with you!
  5. Believe you can do it – we believe you can do it, too!
The AUWRC Team is here to cheer you on with your Water-Related New Year’s Resolutions!

What is your Water-Related New Year’s Resolution and how do you plan to stick to it? 
Let us know in the comments!