Article I. Name

The name of the organization shall be the Auburn University Bass Sports Club.

The AU Club Sports Office as an entity of Auburn University, reserves the right to modify or
change rules as needed in the best interest of Auburn University.

Article II. Purpose

A. To present the sport of bass fishing in a positive manner.

B. To provide opportunities for students to engage in a bass fishing sports club.

C. To provide an opportunity for participating in competitive bass fishing at a collegiate level.

D. To promote bass fishing and cooperation with other organizations on campus.

Article III. Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility

A. The Auburn University Bass Sports Club is open to all full‑time undergraduate and graduate students of Auburn University in good academic standing, regardless of ability in bass fishing.

B. Must have an overall GPA of 2.0 to compete. Members must be a current member of BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society) and maintain their membership throughout the tournament year for liability coverages and other benefits. Qualified boaters must have their current boat insurance on file with $300,000 minimal liability. No member will be allowed to fish or participate in any club events until all Club dues or assessments are paid in full to the officers of the Auburn University Bass Sports Club.

Section 2 – Good Standing

A. To be an active and voting member, dues must be paid in full. Dues will be voted upon by the club and the treasurer will collect and account for the dues collected.

  • Active members must follow the attendance guidelines of the Auburn University Bass Sports Club and the Auburn University guidelines for Club Sports.
  • Members must attend 75% of meetings and events.
  • Members must be current with participation in community projects and fundraisers. Failure to be current (participation of at least one fundraiser or community project in previous semester activities) will jeopardize your position on the team.

B. Outside Communication of Officers and Members

All communication to include articles, negotiations, chat boards, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that includes AU Bass Sports Club or the Activities by the Club must have prior approval from the Club Advisor.

C. Sportsmanship

Members that have violated the Sports Club Rules of Conduct or that have abused tournament or Club rules are subject to the following by the Executive Committee: (see tournament rules, EXCEPTION):

  • Suspension from tournament competition for semester – first offense
  • Suspension from the club for a year – second offense
  • Termination from the club – third offense

Article IV. Governance

Section 1 – OFFICERS

A. Titles and Duties of Each Officer

1. President:

a. presides at all meetings;

b. appoints necessary committees;

c. calls special meetings of the club as a whole or the officers;

2. Vice President:

a. be responsible for recruitment activities and public relations;

b. alert members by use of email about club and team events or meetings;

c. serves on the Sports Council;

d. fills in for club officers as needed (permanent or temporary);

e. assist the President and preside at all meetings in the absence of or at the call of the President; and

f. is responsible for counting and handling ballots along with the Advisor.

3. Secretary:

a. keeps an accurate record of all current members;

b. calls roll at meetings;

c. composes all written documents and newsletters to keep members informed about club events or meetings.

4. Treasurer:

a. collect dues;

b. no funds are to be spent without club recommendation based on estimate cost and approval of Advisor;

c. keeps an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements;

d. prepares all financial statements and budget requests in accordance
with Student Government Association rules;

e. presents a financial report to the club at the end of the each semester.

5. Tournament Director and Tournament Committee:

a. runs the club tournaments;

b. select five (5) lakes to be fished during the fall semester;

c. oversees the tournament pairings for each event. (See Tournament Committee Selection)

Tournament Director is to work with the Club Advisor on all tournaments and events, both club, regional, and national events.

B. Officer Elections

Officers will be elected through a majority vote of club members on the first Wednesday in April of each academic year. Officers shall be nominated from the floor at a general club meeting. The voting shall be done at the same meeting by private ballot. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes with a quorum of two‑ thirds of the club members present. The counting and handling of the ballots shall be the responsibility of the Vice President and Advisor.

C. Officers’ Terms of Office

The terms of office shall be one year, beginning fall semester and end at the end of the following summer semester. (The Summer semester will be a transition period for new officers.

D. Vacancies in Officer Positions

1. Upon vacancy of the office of the President, the Vice President shall fulfill duties as stated in Article IV, Section 1.

2. Upon vacancies of any other office, a new officer will be elected within one week following the vacancy during a regular or special meeting by methods stated in Article IV, Section 1.


A. Removal of Members or Officers

The following are reasons for initiating removal proceedings:

1. Failure to fulfill the responsibilities of his/her office as defined in these bylaws. (For officers).

2. Missing two functions in a row and neglecting to contact the secretary in advance.

3. Not following the rules of the club and Auburn University Bass Sports Club Policies.

4. Violations of regulations specified in the Auburn University Student Handbook, and/or the Campus Recreation Club Sports Handbook and/or The Auburn University Bass Sports Club Rules.

5. Failure to pay club dues. (After final date given by Treasurer each semester)

A majority vote of the Cabinet will make a recommendation to the Advisor for removal of member or officer. The Advisor will make the decision to remove a member based on club violations.

B. Procedure for Removing Members

Any member in good standing with the club may bring charges against another member or officer by presenting his/her concerns to the President of the club. The accused member or officer must be notified in writing by the President of the reason for the proposed removal in advance of the meeting to consider removal. The accused member will be given the opportunity to present his/her case to the officers and Advisor. To revoke membership, a majority vote of the Cabinet will make a recommendation to the Advisor. The Advisor will make the decision to remove a member based on club violations.

If the accused member is the President, the next highest ranking officer will control the proceedings.

Article V. Meetings

Section 1 – Regular Meetings

The club will meet alternate Tuesdays of each month during the academic year, unless otherwise specified. Any schedule changes will be by notification three days in advance by the club V.P.

Section 2 – Workshop Meetings

The workshop meeting will be on the alternate Tuesday of each month and will consist of topics related to bass fishing and tournament competition. The club Advisor will provide the topic for this
meeting and will be considered a practice session.

Section 3 – Attendance

All Club functions and meeting attendance is expected of all club members (as described in the list of rules). Failure to attend meetings or functions (75%) will result in those individuals not being able to hold office the next year. Excused absence will be by University protocol, as listed in the Tiger Cub Student Handbook.

Section 4 – Officers’ Meetings

The club officers will meet prior to the regular or special meetings of the club to plan the club meetings. The officer’s meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

Section 5 – Voting

Unless otherwise stated in the club bylaws, a vote carries with the majority of the members present.

Article VI. Committees

Section 1 – Ad hoc Committees

The President or Advisor may appoint members to serve on committees to assist with special events such as campus programs or special club projects. The Ad Hoc Committee will be discussed in the officer’s meeting before the committee is formed.

Section 2 – Social Committee

The Vice President will appoint club members to organize at least one social activity each semester. Vice President will be in charge of year end banquet.

Section 3 – Finance Committee

The Treasurer will appoint 2 club members to assist in preparing the annual budget submission to the SGA and with organizing any fundraisers the club approves.

Section 4 – Tournament Committee

The Tournament Director will select two club members to assist with the club qualifying tournaments during the year. The Tournament Director and Committee may be asked to help with additional

Article VII. Finances

Section 1 – Club Dues

Club Dues will be in the amount of $100.00 per semester to be paid in full at the beginning of Fall and Spring semester prior to the first qualifying tournament. The Auburn University Bass Sports Club will maintain membership in BASS and in the ALABAMA FEDERATION NATION, as part of the membership all members of the club are required to be members of BASS.

Section 2 – Other Organizational Membership

In order to compete in the FLW COLLEGIATE SERIES each club member will need to join the FLW OUTDOORS.

Section 3 – Fundraisers

All members are expected to participate in club sponsored fundraisers. Fundraisers are considered club events. See Members in Good Standing.

Money raised through fundraisers are payable to the club. Members participating in the fundraisers are financially obligated for those funds. Loss of funds by club members will have to be repaid before the member will be allowed to continue in club activities.

Article VIII. Advisor

Section 1 ‑ Selection

See sports club rules/regulations.

Section 2 – Duties

See the Sports Club Handbook on page 4. Additional duties/responsibilities may be delegated by the Director of Club Sports.

Article IX. Amendments

Proposed amendments to these bylaws by a club member shall be presented at a regular meeting at least one week before the club votes on amendments. These bylaws may be amended by a majority of the club members present constituting a quorum and must be approved by the Advisor to the Club.

Article X. Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of this organization.

Article XI. Collegiate Tournaments, Club Qualifiers, and Sponsorships.

As a member of the Auburn University Bass Sports Club, anglers are representing Auburn University. Auburn University is the main sponsor of this club and representation at events should uphold the
code of conduct as an Auburn University athlete through behavior, dress code, and performance. Participation in this club is that of a “Team” athlete member, not an individual competitor. The following rules will address club qualifiers and collegiate events.

All communications, contacts, and negotiations for tournaments, sponsorships, and other events will be through the Academic Advisor.

1. Once events (tournaments) have been scheduled, there will be no changes other than weather related and the rescheduling will be done by Club vote. There will be five qualifiers during the Fall Semester.

2. The AU Bass Sports Club is a competitive Bass Club competing with other Universities. Failure to compete as a team member in any event scheduled, may forfeit your ability to maintain your standing on the team.

3. Club Qualifiers:

  • Agreeing to fish in a club qualifier and withdrawing, will result in not fishing in the next qualifier.
  • A 50 MPH speed limit will be enforced for all boaters. Failure to do so will result in suspension from the club.

University Tournaments:

  • Withdrawing from a University event, will result in not fishing in the next University event. University events refer to all events outside the club qualifiers.

Bonus Points:

  • Total points per semester are 25 points (5 points per meeting).

4. There are 12 lakes that will be used as club qualifiers:

Lay Logan Martin
Jordan Oliver
Mitchell Martin
West Point Al. River
Harding Yates
Eufala Wedowee

Lakes will be drawn at random on the Friday before the qualifier. All lakes will be fished before a qualifier can be placed on a lake for the second time.

5. Top eight Anglers. Traveling team is by qualification; eligibility to travel; 2.00 GPA; and, based on the rankings of the qualifying Club Tournaments. Team consists of thetop six (6) anglers plus two (2) additional anglers at the Advisors discretion. See Tournament Rules “Scoring” for Tournament points and bonus points for attendance. Ties in the rankings will be determined by highest score in the Semester standings that provide the ranking results.

Advisor reserves the right to make final selection of traveling team anglers based on rankings and team performance both on and off the water.

6. Gift Account expenses cover per diem out-of-state and receipts in-state. Only the three National Championships and FLW College Tournaments qualify for paid expenses.

7. Sponsorship
Auburn University does not allow sponsorship. No personal sponsorships or brands will be allowed to be displayed in any club activity. Wearing or promoting individual sponsorships or brands will result in nullifying any club qualifier or collegiate tournament results and removal of participation in collegiate competition until reinstated by Advisor.

8. Awards and Prize Money. No prize money will be accepted by anglers unless approved by Advisor. Provided the Advisor allows club members to accept cash prizes, then the following rules will be in place:

(a) Maximum value on prizes that are allowed to be kept by the angler will not be greater than $500 total value he/she has received in one event.
(b) Club or anglers cannot receive cash awards where a W2 Form is required. See item 11 below.
(c) Any angler accepting cash (of any value) or prizes (prizes greater than $500 value) without prior approval from Advisor will be subject to Article III-Membership, Section 2-Good Standing, Part C-Sportsmanship.

9. Reasonable information for finding fish on lakes;

  • No guides or Professional anglers may be used as a resource.
  • Off limits are always imposed during the weekdays unless approved through the Advisor.

10. We do not present our problems on a public platform, either secure a ruling by the Tournament Director or bring back to the club (officers) for recommendations.

11. Do not sign any form at a tournament outside of the registration and waiver form. Any request to sign a form other than the above needs to be directed to the club Advisor. Do not engage in any communication/commitment with any outside organization without first clearing it through the Advisor.

12. Any violation in the tournaments is subject to Article III. Membership, Section 2-Good Standing, Part C-Sportsmanship.

13. Traveling/participation in Regional and National Events:

  • Members are representing the Club and Auburn University.
  • Members are under all guidelines for travel and conduct as if you were at Auburn University.
  • Members will prepare themselves each day for their best effort on the Lake.
  • Members will travel together, share hotel rooms and expenses as needed.
  • Members will work together as a team for maximum effort in order to obtain the best finish at each event for Auburn University.

14. All members will leave together to go to tournaments and will leave together from the tournament site on the return trip. Failure to do so will void current tournament results.

15. Traveling to and from events, members are expected to follow the designated lead vehicle. Failure to do so will void current tournament results.

16. Marine or Traffic violations will also void current tournament results. Second violation will result in suspension from the Club for current semester.

17. Pairings for Collegiate Tournaments: Pairings (Boater, Non-Boater) will be at the discretion of the Advisor utilizing the previous semester rankings.