Officers and History

Our Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the AU Bass Sports Club to create a competitive, yet user-friendly environment for all bass anglers. We recognize that our generation is responsible for the preservation and growth of competitive bass angling and therefore make it our mission to represent our sport and Auburn University with class and enthusiasm.


(Academic School Year 2014 through 2015)

Pat Snellings President
Garrett Roberts Vice President
Ethan Hayes Treasurer
Evan Reid Secretary
Trey Clayton Tournament Director


In early March of 2007, the Auburn University Bass Club held its first meeting. The meeting was a culmination of many months of hard work by various individuals in the club. Although, much harder work would follow as the Auburn Bass Club labored to reach its desired destination; during this period members of the Auburn University Fishing Club decided instead of sitting and discussing rules and policies the best thing to do was to simply start fishing. The club then set out to fish four qualifying events each semester to determine who would represent the fishing team in intercollegiate events. As the first semester drew to a close the club learned their charter from Auburn University would not arrive until the beginning of the following fall. By the time the fall semester arrived, the club had its bylaws and its top six competitive anglers in place. On the third weekend in November 2007, the Auburn University Bass Sports Club solidified its presence among the collegiate world at Lake Guntersville in northeast Alabama. On two cold, and windy days the Auburn anglers prevailed over the rest of the competition in an Invitational hosted by the Auburn team and took first and second place in a field consisting of forty-four anglers representing eighteen schools. The weekend marked a turning point in the club. The club’s anglers fully understood what was to be gained through the club. It was the satisfaction of triumph over other colleges, but it was also the camaraderie and fellowship that was to be gained through fishing. Now, the passion of the club lies within competing among other schools, but the real enjoyments are the friendships that have been created through the club.