Lay Lake Results

Rank Member Weight Score 
1 Jacob Fine 13.85 100
2 Austin Litrell 11.80 99
3 Trey Clayton 11.76 98
4 Will Bates 9.92 97
5 Candler McCollum 8.37 96
6 Brandon Worthey 7.52 95
7 Briggs Defoor 7.06 94
8 Casey Chilson 6.73 93
9 Pat Snellings 5.97 92
10 Caleb Waznaik 5.32 91
11 Jarrod Bryant 4.40 90
12 Mitch Mitchell 4.28 89
13 Garrett Roberts 4.20 88
14 Evan Reid 4.14 87
15 Zac Norris 3.17 86
16 Bradley DeLeon 3.10 85
17 Tim Ward 2.87 84
18 Cassidy Evans 2.77 83
19 Mitchell Jennings 2.18 82
20 Dylan Taylor 1.53 81
21 Ben Curry 0.00 80
22 Ethan Hayes 0.00 80
23 Adrian Estrada 0.00 80
24 Chuck Wise 0.00 80
25 Brandon Bynum 0.00 80
26 Addison Camino 0.00 80
27 AJ Simmons 0.00 80
28 Drew Jarrett 0.00 80
29 Hooper Matthews 0.00 80
30 Travis Culbreth 0.00 80
31 Mitch Griggs 0.00 80
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