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Campus Minister
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Shannon Hughes
Campus Minister

College can be a time for tremendous growth in your faith and opportunities to be a part of what God is doing on this campus and around the world. I remember my college days at Auburn like it was yesterday. This is such a special place for me it was on these shaded sidewalks of campus and in my college small groups that God began molding me for the calling He had for my life. He used ministry leaders, missions’ experiences and those quiet moments alone with Him to prepare me for what He had in store. I never imagined that calling would lead me back to the place where it all began Auburn University to minister to a new generation of students ready to be used by the Lord to impact the world with the gospel. It is humbling and exciting for me to think about!

My challenge to students is to make the most of every opportunity these 4-5 years of college allows. There is no other time in your life where you have as much freedom, time and resources available to be a part of what God is doing around the world and right here where you are. God’s calling for your life has already started and it’s to be more than just a student it is to be a disciple and a disciple maker.

Little known facts about Shannon: Beloved childhood dog was named April. I love to travel! I have traveled to 23 countries and 48 states. My favorite place to visit is Ireland. Mexican is my absolute favorite food.


Ginger Hughes