2012 New Faculty and GTA Virtual Orientation

If you were unable to attend the New Faculty and GTA Orientation this year or if you’d like full access to the videos and presentations, please find orientation information below that will help you become acclimated to Auburn University. If you still require assistance, the Biggio Center is happy to help you. Please contact us with questions and requests!

Concurrent Sessions

  • Monica Baziotes, Kent Games, and Carrie Zuckerman: “GTA 102″

Video Series

Dr. Constance Relihan, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, “Improving the Experience in the Classroom”

Dr. Carl Pinkert, Associate V.P. of Research, “Helping Faculty Enhance Scholarship Opportunities”

Dr. Royrickers Cook, Assistant V.P. of University Outreach, “Outreach and Engagement at Auburn”

Dr. William Sauser, Chair-Faculty Senate, “How the Auburn Senate Works for You”

Dr. Herbert Jack Rotfield, “Advocacy & The American Association of University Professors”

Dr. Overtoun Jenda, Associate Provost-Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, “Promoting Academic and Social Integration”

Dr. James Wohl, University Ombudsperson, “Accessing Confidential Resources to Address Campus Related Concerns”

Mr. Tracy Donald, Director-Office of Accessibility, “Providing Accommodations”

Ms. Kelley Taylor, Director-AA/EEO, “Equity Policies at Auburn”

Dr. Doug Hankes, Director-SCS, “Accessing Counseling Services to Aid Students”

Dr. Emmett Winn, Associate Provost, “Academic Honesty Process”