Instructional Technology Specialist joins Biggio Center Team


The Biggio Center team recently welcomed new team member Paul Springfield who joins the team as an instructional technology specialist. Paul brings to Auburn a web development background and knowledge in both designs and systems. His role at the Biggio Center is to provide technology support to faculty members. This support includes creating flash labs, second life classrooms, and converting existing learning tools into online or mobile tools, among other potential tasks. Paul says of his new role: “I look forward to seeing the classroom of 2020, and I want to be a part of the support team who help the faculty at Auburn University create it. ”

Paul received his B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems from the University of Central Florida. He has worked for Weiss & Associates, an advertising agency in Miami, and Barnes & Noble College where he assisted the setup of new stores, including the Vanderbilt University Bookstore. He has Adobe Suite, CSS, C#, C-family languages, Perl, Cisco Networking, Oracle, and Peoplesoft knowledge.  Paul is most excited about applying this knowledge to help create  the classroom of 2020. He sees eLearning as providing unique interactive opportunities to students, including 3D particle replicas, anatomical models, online labs, and virtual classrooms.

Paul has lived in Auburn with his wife for 3 years and appreciates the atmosphere of a small community in which everyone, through the university or not, is connected.

For classroom and technology help that requires Paul’s knowledge, you can contact him at



Last modified: July 8, 2014