New Role in Canvas: Peer Instructor


Many faculty have requested a way to add undergraduate teaching assistants, or peer instructors, to their Canvas course so they may interact with students. Although we have a TA role in Canvas, it isn’t suitable for these peer instructors as they could see student grades/submissions. This new role allows you to add a peer instructor to the course who can help message students, message groups, and post to discussion boards. To add a PI into your course, follow the help for adding a TA, but choose “Peer Instructor” instead of “TA.”


now available, the peer instructor role in the drop down list


Peer Instructor Permissions

Peer Instructors have additional abilities over observers, including the ability to:

  • Message the entire course using the conversations tool
  • View and post to discussion boards
  • View the students in the course and the student groups
  • Create student collaborations


Peer instructors cannot view student submissions, grade assignments, or view the gradebook. A full list of permissions is available on the Canvas Roles page.


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Last modified: September 10, 2018