Rodrigo Sardinas


Dr. Sardinas was primed for remote instruction from the get-go. A faculty member in the department of computer science, Dr. Sardinas already utilized Canvas’ remotely accessible features. “All of my classes are 100% in Canvas, so the transition hasn’t been that bad. The only thing that has changed is not going to class anymore.”

Dr. Sardinas teaches an intro to cloud computing and programming languages class. He started using Zoom to deliver lectures with the goal of trying to emulate the classroom environment as much as possible. “I still use PowerPoint for my presentations and now I use a Wacom tablet with Microsoft Whiteboard to write.”

Dr. Sardinas likes Zoom because it records everything he sees during a lecture (including the chat) and gives students the option to manually record locally on their computer since Zoom recordings can take some time to turn around right now.

“Overall my experience has been good. Class interaction has gone up. Zoom helps facilitate that because students are more willing to type things in chat. I’m going to continue using Zoom even after we’re back in the classroom. It will allow me to interact with my remote students more.”

Last modified: April 28, 2020