Vanessa dos Reis Falcao


Dr. Falcao’s spring break looked a little different this year. She spent her last two days of break learning to use Zoom and Panopto and researching the advantages and disadvantages between asynchronous and synchronous lecture in preparation to switch to remote instruction for her large lecture general and organic chemistry classes.

“I chose live lecture to help my students keep a schedule and stay organized right now. Live delivery also allows students to ask questions in real time.”

While she kept the live delivery component of her lectures, she tweaked her iClicker questions from in-class participation points to quizzes done outside of class instead. Her Learning Assistants (LA’s) now hold virtual office hours and create videos using Panopto to explain the answers to her students.

“Through this process I’ve learned that it’s a lot of work to do an online class, but I’m convinced I want to do it again. Once we’re back to campus, I want to try “flipping my classroom” and record lectures and put them online and use class time to do problems.”

Last modified: April 28, 2020