Jan Moppert


It’s not surprising that Jan Moppert keeps her classes formal and professional. As Director of the Office of Professional and Career Development in the Harbert College of Business, Moppert focuses her teaching on the sophomore level course in a four-course series of professional development classes for Harbert College of Business students.

“I typically have very strict policies around assignments and due dates, but the past few weeks have shown me that these days cannot be so formal. Although I teach a class on professionalism and career development, our emotions are running high right now and we need a more personal touch.”

To diffuse some of the tension, Moppert has begun approaching students with a more than usual personal touch. She encourages students to call or text her and started adding a few paragraphs she calls “Moppert’s Musings” to the bottom of her Canvas announcements.

“I talk about what music I’m listening to, what shows I’m binging, and share some stories/memories either about how this reminds me of my Hurricane Katrina evacuation, what I’m doing to stay positive, or how my dog is entertaining me.”

Numerous students have even written back to Moppert thanking her for the positive outlook and fun stories and sharing how it’s helped them during this time. In return, students have shared photos of their dogs as well as music and show recommendations for Moppert.

“It’s been amazing to connect with my students in this way. My teaching has always been relational, but this experience has emphasized this need even more.”

Last modified: April 28, 2020