Jason Upton


Despite Dr. Upton’s cell biology class incorporating online technology from the onset, he still ran into some problems the Monday following spring break when Auburn University switched to remote instruction overnight.

“The biggest adjustment has been how to give exams online. The incorporation of online proctoring software has been an interesting hurdle to navigate.”

Prior to spring break, Dr. Upton administered an exam using the traditional format of paper and scantron. Students with excused absences expected to take their make-up exam the same way but quickly realized that wouldn’t be the case. While Dr. Upton was able to convert his exam to an online format, proctoring was still an issue.

“Biggio’s Instructional Technology and Testing Services teams were an immense help. They walked me through the options and helped me select and implement the Honorlock program (all online of course), even as the university was still trying to negotiate and finalize the details of the contract.”

Dr. Upton credited his students with being patient and eager to work with him on making sure they can continue the course as best they can given the situation.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be flexible. Teaching can be stressful, especially with a first-time class. I prefer face-to-face class time and paper exams, so the transition has been as frustrating as it was abrupt. Not everything has gone as smoothly as I’d like, but the kinks are finally starting to be worked out and I can honestly say that it’s not as bad as I expected.”

Last modified: April 28, 2020