Updated Zoom Integration


Zoom has released an updated integration which is now available in Canvas. The new integration can be added to your course navigation just as previously following the How to Integrate Zoom help guide. Once added, your Canvas Zoom will look like the image below:

the new Canvas integration provides direct student access to Cloud Recordings


Zoom now displays your Class Meetings by default, rather than your full Meetings list. This change also affects co-Teachers and TAs in the course, who will now be able to see (and join) class meetings created by other instructors.

You can access your complete list of Zoom Meetings by clicking on “All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings” (1). You can also schedule a meeting for your class using the “Schedule a New Meeting” (2) button, just as in the previous Zoom integration.

The newly added Cloud Recording Tab (3) enables both you and your students to see a list of all cloud-recorded meetings for your course. You no longer need to email out your recording link for students to be able to find the class recordings. Finally, Zoom has added a feature for importing already-created meetings into a specific course (4). A short tutorial is available on the Import an Existing Meeting help guide.

Last modified: May 15, 2020