Zoom Cloud Storage and Retention


In 2020, Zoom has become an indispensable tool in Higher Ed during the COVID pandemic. However, Auburn University does not have unlimited Zoom cloud storage. Due to this limitation, in order to provide access to the temporary storage space for everyone during the semester, we are encouraging you to download your recordings or remove what is not needed.

We are currently over our allotment for cloud storage. Thankfully, Zoom allows recording, but we must make changes to get under the allotted space. To maintain equitable access to everyone at Auburn, we will enable a 6-month retention policy. Recordings older than 180 days will be automatically moved to the trash in your account. This is not a permanent deletion! It will stay in the trash for up to 30 days, if you need to recover and save your session for any reason. You will receive a notification from Zoom 7 days before your files will be permanently deleted from Trash.

Auburn’s video distribution platform is Panopto, which has unlimited storage, as well as student-friendly features not available in Zoom. Panopto allows students to watch at .5x-2x speed, create time-stamped notes, as well as providing you analytics and insights on how often and how long your students are watching the recordings. Finally, Panopto will “adaptive stream” the video so that each student will get the highest possible video quality for their available bandwidth.

Restoring Deleted Zoom Sessions

If you have recordings moved to the trash, you may restore them within 30 days. However, we still recommend moving them to Panopto for long term storage.

  1. In your Zoom Cloud Recordings if sessions have been deleted you will see the trash hyperlink.
  2. Click on your trash hyperlink and from there you will have access to the current deleted Zoom sessions.
  3. Screenshot, Select Trash


  4. Next to each session there will be an option to recover or delete, click recover, and it will move it back to your cloud recording tab where you will be able to download and save to your computer.
  5. Screenshot, Select Recover

Panopto-Zoom Integration

To help make this transition easier, we’re rolling out a new integration between Panopto and Zoom! This integration will automatically copy any Zoom recording into a set destination folder within Panopto. You can set your class recordings to automatically be uploaded to the Canvas-Panopto folder.

We have a guide on this integration online. Since this is a new integration, we ask to send any and all feedback to biggiotech@auburn.edu.

Uploading Zoom Recordings to Panopto

If you prefer to choose when/what videos are uploaded to Panopto, then you can manually upload each recording to Panopto for long-term access during and after the semester’s end. To do so, log in to your Panopto account, from there you will be able to access the Create drop-down menu and upload your Zoom recordings and organize them by class in your folders section.


Screenshot, Select Create then Upload Media

Saving Zoom Sessions

If you prefer to have a local copy, you may download any video for storage.

  1. After logging into your Zoom, click recordings on the left.
  2. Choose the Cloud Recordings tab then you will be able to download individual recordings and save them to a different location.
  3. Screenshot, Select


    Screenshot, Select

Last modified: January 20, 2021