Outdoor Tent Classroom Reservation Information


To reserve either of the two outdoor tent classrooms, please e-mail otrroom@auburn.edu with the days or dates and times you would like to reserve.

The tent classrooms are equipped with a TV display and WiFi connectivity. There is no temperature control or lighting. Each tent classroom is 40-ft x 60-ft and can seat 40 students physically distanced.

Once your class reservation is confirmed, you will be able to check out a key from the RBD Library main circulation desk on the 2nd floor. This key will give you access to the technology in the outdoor classroom. Please review our PDF document which provides instructions for opening the storage unit that contains the display technology. The display provides HDMI connectivity, AirPlay, and wireless connectivity via the LG system. See instructions below. We highly recommend testing the technology prior to your initial use.

  1. Connect up directly to the HDMI cable (which should be plugged into HDMI 1) and make sure HDMI 1 is selected as the input.
  2. Wirelessly from a Windows PC: The LG TV supports connecting via Miracast from a Windows laptop. See link below for instructions from LG with step by step details.
  3. Wirelessly from a Mac: The LG TV supports connecting via AirPlay 2 from the MacBook. See same link below for instructions from LG with step by step details.

Step by step details from LG for screen share / screen mirroring – device to TV

Last modified: February 1, 2021