Culture Bump – Train the Trainer

Culture Bump in the News

The Biggio Center at Auburn University has garnered media attention as the premiere training ground for the Culture Bump Approach. Collected below are highlights of the latest news and articles featuring Culture Bump at Auburn University:

AU leads global communication training

Auburn University to serve as base for global relations training

What you will learn

To facilitate Culture Bump workshops for members of your unit/division/organization to include presentation of:

  • Culture Bump theory
  • Culture Bump methodology
  • Culture Bump Approach
  • Toolkit for Culture and Communication


Topics Covered

Culture Bump Approach Foundational Training

This will immerse trainees in Culture Bump theory, methodology and research so they may utilize it to effectively facilitate Culture Bump foundational training workshops. Facilitator trainees will learn to assist in the development and practice of specific cultural and communication competencies including:

  • The ability to facilitate management of emotional responses to cultural differences and life changes
  • The ability to facilitate skills that promote recognition and adaptation to specific cultural behaviors such as communication styles, spatial and time orientations
  • The ability to facilitate self-reflection of one’s own expectations in behaviors and values and to recognize others’ expectations and values including their impact on the organizational environment
  • The ability to teach others to use cultural differences to create and maintain exceptional experiences for co-workers, clients, students and any external parties

Toolkit for Culture and Communication
This will prepare facilitators to use the on-line, interactive, multi-media, six module immersion experience to conduct cross-cultural communication training including:

  • Module 1: Perceptions
  • Module 2: Culture Bumps
  • Module 3: Values and Behaviors
  • Module 4: Cultural Communication Patterns
  • Module 5: Cultural Commonalities
  • Module 6: Cultural Adjustment Cycle and Emotional Intelligence

5 Day Seminar includes:

  • Four day foundational training in theory and application
  • Full-day training with Toolkit for Culture and Communication
  • Post-Seminar on-line support for customized Toolkit development, institutional implementation and adjustment briefings

Who Should Enroll

Those with the desire and skill to facilitate workshops with colleagues, co-workers, students or external parties. Those that want to teach others how to communicate better with people different from themselves. Professionals at all levels will benefit from this program.

Trainer Certification

Seminar completion will result in issuance of certificate from the Auburn University Biggio Center Cultural Insight Program verifying status as an Institutional Culture Bump Trainer. This certificate authorizes you to conduct Culture Bump workshops for your institution or organization.










Dr. Carol M. Archer.  Dr. Archer (University of Houston) is the creator of the Culture Bump® theory and methodology and has a Doctorate in Education with a research focus on culture and urban studies.  Her work is directed toward building connections of commonalities between people of different cultures, backgrounds and belief systems.   Dr. Archer is the author of Living with Strangers in the U.S.A.:  Communicating Beyond Culture.  This landmark book grew out of her more than 30 years’ extensive ethnographic research into interpersonal, intercultural communications.

Dr. Archer’s Culture Bump® corporate clients have included AT & T, Pecten/Shell Oil, Haliburton, World Trade Association, Exxon, KBR, AECOM Technology Corporation, Lanxess, Deloitte, Chevron, NASA, DOW Chemical, George Renwick and Associates.  Dr. Archer has worked in Algeria and provided overseas trainings and executive briefings for Brazil, Cameroon, Syria, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia China and Indonesia.  Dr. Archer developed cultural orientation for refugees for the State of Texas.










Dr. Stacey C. Nickson.  Dr. Nickson is the assistant director of the Auburn University Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and founder of their Cultural Insight Program.  Dr. Nickson has co-trained and researched Culture Bump® theory and methodology and has provided Culture Bump training for international audiences in both the UK and South Africa.

Dr. Nickson is the co-author of “Culture Bump:  An Instructional Process for Cultural Insight” (Archer, C., Nickson, S. 2012), Culture Bump and Leadership:  Technology and the Development of Cross-Cultural Emotional Intelligence (Nickson, S. Archer, C, & Chadhury, S., in press) and The Role of Culture Bump in Developing Intercultural Communication Competency in the Internationalization of Psychology Education, Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT), 11 (3) (Archer, C. & Nickson, S., in press).  In 2012 Dr. Nickson was named a Fulbright Specialist roster candidate for her work in global initiatives to prepare future academics and cross-cultural communication, and has been selected by the University of Cape Town in South Africa to complete her Fulbright appointment.