Spring 2013 Graduate Distance Courses

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

College of Agriculture

AGRN 6016: Analysis of Plant, Soil, and Animal Data

AGRN 6066: Soil Microbiology Lecture

AGRN 6106: Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement

AGRN 6306: Soil Chemistry

AGRN 6406: Bioenergy and the Environment

ENTM 6366: Landscape Etomology

College of Architecture

BSCI 7026: Integrated Building Processes I

BSCI 7046: Integrated Building Processes II

BSCI 7106-01: USACOE Law and Sustainability

BSCI 7106-2: USACOE Certificate-Estimating

BSCI 7106-3: USACOE Certificate-Scheduling

BSCI 7986: Capstone USACOE

College of Business

ACCT 3113: Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 3123: Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 3213: Cost Accounting

ACCT 3513: Accounting Information Systems

ACCT 4313: Auditing and Assurance Services

ACCT 4413:  Income Tax I

ACCT 5133: Advanced Accounting Topics

ACCT 5423: Income Tax II

ACCT 5613: Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting

ACCT 6136: Advanced Accounting Topics

ACCT 6426: Income Tax II

ACCT 6616: Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting

ACCT 6706: Advanced Business Law

ACCT 7426: Corporate and Partnership Taxation

ACCT 7976: Integrated Accounting Topics and Case Analysis

BUSI 7116: Financial Analysis

BUSI 7126: Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

BUSI 7136: Strategic Analysis and the Competitive Environment

BUSI 7216: Marketing and Consumer Theory

BUSI 7226: Operations and Information Technology for Competitive Advantage

BUSI 7236: Cost Analysis and Systems

BUSI 7976: Special Topics in Business

BUAL 6606: Predictive Modeling I

BUAL 6666: Data Management II

FINC 7656: Applied Financial Management

FINC 7666: Security Analysis Management

FINC 7696: Advanced Financial Systems

ISMN 6276: Curr issues in Infor Sys

ISMN 6376: Project Management

ISMN 6676: Security and Information Assurance

ISMN 6686: Advanced Data Base Administration and Development

ISMN 6726: Electronic Commerce

ISMN 6966: Special Problems

ISMN 7666: Information Systems Analysis and Design

ISMN 7986: MMIS Project

MKTG 7326: Advertising and Promotion Strategy

MKTG 7506: Electronic Marketing

RDEV 7126: Field Studies

RDEV 7346: Site Planning and Infrastructure Development

RDEV 7356: Real Estate Investment Analysis

RDEV 7636: Real Estate Development Capstone Project

SCMN 7606: Supply Management and Manufacturing

SCMN 7776: Supply Chain Management

College of Education

ADED 7656: Teaching the Disadvantaged Adult

CTCT 6066-BU1: Program Planning Business Ed

CTCT 6066-BU2: Program Planning Agriscience Ed

CTCT 7016: Youth Program Development

CTCT 7246: Administrative Management

CTCT 7726: Adv Program Planning Business Ed

CTCT 7736: Program Evaluation

CTCT 7756: Administration of Career and Technical Education

CTCT 7916-BU1: Practicum Agriscience Edu

CTCT 7916-BU2: Practicum Business Ed

CTCT 7926: Internship

CTCT 8806: Teacher Education

CTCT 8986: Field Project

CTEE 7516: Research Studies in Education in Areas of Specialization

CTEE 7916: Practicum in Areas of Specialization

CTES 7426: Applied Linguistics in Second Language Acquisition

CTES 7486: Assessment in English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)

CTMU 7967: Sp Top: Doctoral Seminar

CTMU 8986: Field Project: Ed Specialist

CTSE 7536: Orgs of Pgm: Foreign Language Educ

CTSE 7916: Practicum in Foreign Lang Ed

CTSE 7926: Internship in Foreign Lang Ed

CTSE 8986: Distance Field Proj: Foreign Lang

EDLD 8206: Assessment and Evaluation in Learning Organization

EDLD 8226: Personal and Professional Development

EDLD 8266: Theory and Development of Organizations

EDLD 8406: Ethics for Leaders

EDMD 7216: Integration of Technology into the Curriculum

ERMA 7306: Design and Analysis in Education I

ERMA 7316: Design and Analysis in Education II

EPSY 7426: Learning Theory and Educational Practice

EPSY 8416: Learning in the Social Context

RSED 6176: Transit School to Work

RSED 7226: Adv Teaching Methods in Special Ed

RSED 7916: Practicum

RSED 7926: Internship

RSED 8116: Org Leadership Rehabilitation

RSED 8956: Seminar- Org Leadership in Rehabilitation

College of Engineering

AERO 7636: Aerospace Computational Structural Analysis- Structural Dynamics

CHEN 6666: Macrosale Assembly and Applications of Nanomaterials

CHEN 6806: Biochemical Engineering

CHEN 6976: Cell and Tissue Engineering

CHEN 7116: Chemical Engineering Analysis and Advanced Transport Phenomena

CIVL 6246: Air Pollution

CVIL 6706: Design for Lateral Loads

CIVL 7176: Numerical Methods in Hydraulics and Hydrology

CVIL 7226: Water and Wastewater Operations and Processes I

CIVL 7256: Biological Wastewater Treatment

CIVL 7686: Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

COMP 6006: Computer Science and Software Engineering

COMP 6356: Digital Forensics

COMP 6716: Quality Software Assurance

COMP 7276: Advanced Topics in Algorithms

COMP 7506: Advanced Topics in Operating Systems

COMP 7976: Game Design and Development

COMP 7986: Master of Software Engineering Design Project

INSY 6606: Manufacturing and Production Economics

INSY6856: Electronics Manufacturing Systems

INSY 7026: Safety Engineering II

INSY 7426: Linear Programming and Network Flows

INSY 7956: Seminar

INSY 7976: Industrial and Systems Engineering Special Topics

MATL 6306: Phase Transformations in Material Processing

MATL 6506: Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

MATL 6706: Biomaterials

MATL 7056: Deformation and Failure of Engineering Materials

MATL 7986: Master Materials Engineering Project

MECH6016: Compressible Fluid Flow

MECH 6246: Boundary and Full-Film Lubrication

MECH 6316: Mechanics of Electronic Packaging

MECH 6396: Fundamentals of the Finite Element Method

MECH 6616: Mechanical Vibration

MECH 7336: Experimental Mechanics

MECH 7616: Advanced Dynamics

College of Human Sciences

HRMT 6536: Science of Quality Service for Hospitality

HRMT 6566: Club Management

HRMT 6576: Global Hospitality

NTRI 7936: Advanced Independent Study

NTRI 7966: Special Problems

NTRI 7986: Nonthesis Research

NTRI 8976: Advanced Topics in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management

College of Liberal Arts

FLFR 6986: Seminar in French Literary Genres and Movements

FLSP 7976: Literature and Culture of Colonial Spanish America

College of Sciences & Math

MATH 6636: Introduction to Numerical Analysis I

MATH 6646: Introduction to Numerical Analysis II